cindy wider drawpjCindy Wider is the co-founder of along with her husband Stuart Wider. Cindy is a multi-awarding winning artist and the author of 37 e-books that form the ‘Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course.’ She is also the author of the soft cover book titled ‘Paint In Your Pyjamas - every woman’s guide to finding your life purpose through art.’ Cindy and Stuart, along with their team of dedicated professionals help hundreds of people learn to draw and paint who previously never believed it was possible for them.

Jayne and Look-a-like Doll, Graphite on vellum, 10x12 inches ©Scott Kunkle, Most Promising Artist – DrawPj Art Competition 2012


What is


Cindy Wider Art Curriculum DesignerDrawPj means Draw in your Pyjama Time ™ (those little blocks of time that we often fritter away, usually while we are in our pyjamas.) is a caring and supportive online community where we encourage people to use their Pyjama Time to learn to draw and paint rather than waiting for the big blocks of time that never seem to come.


People come to us with all different levels of level of ability and we help them learn to draw and paint at a professional level in the shortest amount of time possible while experiencing a wonderful life-changing journey along the way.


At our 42 week ‘Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course’ provides you with all the information you need to know in order to create your own original artwork by the end of the course. Many course participants are creating saleable standard portraits in just 84 hours.

You will be given one-to-one guidance and assistance from your own fully certified instructor for every single exercise in the course. You will also be given three of your own online galleries, entry into our annual online art competition and an invitation to participate in our encouraging and supportive multi-cultural online community.


How did DrawPJ get started?


I had been teaching about 80 people a week for 8 years in the real world and then after our second daughter was born I realised I needed to be home more. I began teaching my 42 week art course through email interactions and that was successful however I realised the process lacked community spirit.

Then I joined forces with a Canadian based website and that partnership was and still is wonderful, however, with my course in big demand, I soon found myself very busy and once again not as available as I wanted to be for my two young daughters. At the same time I really wanted to help more people learn to draw and paint. It was at that point I realised I needed to train other people to teach my art course.

That’s when was born almost like our third baby. My husband Stuart Wider (a software developer) and I put our heads together to create a totally unique internet experience where every single student is fully supported by a caring community and their very own certified instructor to monitor their progress along the way. is growing from strength to strength and I believe that is because our instructors and I all share the same vision; a desire to share our love and knowledge of art with as many others as possible and to always teach from passion and compassion.


How Does the DrawPJ Online Drawing and Painting Course Work?


At our 42 week ‘Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course’ is delivered through a series of downloadable pdf files (e-books) in six separate units of study which finally come together as a whole skill during the unit six course. You can print out one of the e-books then snuggle up in your favourite reading space to read it. In your time and when you are ready you then start drawing the exercises in the course on plain paper. There’s no pressure and you can set your own study time and pace.

Once you have created your drawing exercises for the week you can then scan the images (or photograph them) upload them to your computer then into your online classroom forum on After your drawings arrive in the online classroom your instructor will pop in (once a week) to comment on drawings using our three step process of complimenting, advising you on where your drawing was done differently and more importantly how you can make adjustments to improve. Our instructors can even tell you if your hand needs to be held differently just by the way the mark is made on the page. It’s a fantastic system and its really work well.

This amazing three step process enables you to experience ‘Deep Practice’ (as Daniel Coyle refers to this process in his book titled ‘The Talent Code’.) By correcting the little steps along the way you have every chance of being able to achieve the bigger steps naturally. This process helps people to develop valuable brain pathways and gain true results in the shortest amount of time possible. Our course and support system is helping hundreds of people gain fantastic results in such a short period of time.


Before and After Drawings by Students of


The ‘before’ images presented here were completed prior to the student’s first week of tuition. The ‘after’ drawings were completed after studying this course for a total of approximately 63 hours over 21 weeks. People enter the course at all levels of ability and similar results are gained regardless of their level of ability to begin with. Most people who enter the course begin drawing at a twelve year old child level and rapidly progress to drawing professional-standard drawings like these.


self-portrait portrait drawing course

Barbara Houghton ‘Before’ self-portrait Barbara Houghton ‘After’ self-portrait

portrait sketch learn to draw

Leslie Macpherson ‘Before’ self-portrait Leslie Macpherson ‘After’ self-portrait

drawing online drawing course

Katrina Coltzau ‘Before’ self-portrait Katrina Coltzau ‘After’ self-portrait

woman drawingdraw portraits

Lois Naab ‘Before’ self-portrait Lois Naab ‘After’ self-portrait


Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview with Cindy Wider, the co-founder of DrawPJ, Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course.

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