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Carnaval na Bruma      ©Paulo Themudo

Paulo Themudo - A Simple Man Who Cannot Live Without Art

I’m a Portuguese painter.

Since the age of 8 years old that i live with the draws, the mix of the colors and the enthusiasm for the arts.

A very impulsive child that use to run looking for a paper to draw and paint.

Along the years I just put in action what I really feel that was my way, so, I have learned with some masters and colleges.

For me life without my art just don’t make sense.


Please describe yourself in one sentence.

"A simple man that cannot live without art"


self portrait painting

What type of art do you create?

Figurative expressionism, abstract expressionism.


Why do you create art?

In a few words.
"I really can’t live without art"





Self-Portrait               ©Paulo Themudo





Can you tell us about your main artist influences?

I really don’t have any certain influences.

My work is on my own, without the search of any other thing that was made before.
Anyway, I really appreciate Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky and Picasso. There are my favourite painters.


Do you make money from your art?

I have some contacts that usually sell my work, and invitations for some projects that includes art and literature.


sombra humana painting

What are the subjects and themes of your art, and how do you express them through your artistic medium?

I consider that my heart becomes from the total abstraction, at the same time, I’m very involved with my own feelings and the work is very impulsive and intimate.




Sombra Humana             ©Paulo Themudo





The essential subject of my paintings are the expression, and the profound of my soul, thinking that I’m a man like every other man on earth, but, that I came to this world to give something that I think can be eternal.


How often do you create art?

Every month during several days, from 15 to 20 it depends.


manto negro art

What useful methods have you found for art promotion online and offline?

A vehicle to transmit to the others my art, regarding the opportunity of the truly recognition of my work.







Manto Negro               ©Paulo Themudo






Do you have any parting advice you can give to aspiring and emerging artists?

Be humble with the notion of reality, always wanting to learn more and accepting the criticism being negative or positive.


Paulo Themudo - A Simple Man Who Cannot Live Without Art


Website: Paulo Themudo

Facebook Profile: Paulo Themudo


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