free art promotion opportunitiesOne of the primary goals of Artpromotivate is to promote artists for free. As long as this site exists, I will always feature artists here without cost. I am always considering new ways to expand the reach of Artpromotivate, and help promote the artists interviewed here at the same time. I have come up with two opportunities for those who submitted a spotlight, but want to be showcased here faster, and previously featured artists who desire some free extra promotion from Artpromotivate. I will tell you all about it and what is involved below.


Also, I am considering a testimonial page here soon. Read on for details on how you can send us a testimonial and receive a free link for doing so.


How to get your artist spotlight featured here in less than 2 weeks.

We have many artists waiting in line here to be featured. I know some do not want to wait months, so I have devised an easy way for spotlights to be posted here soon after they are submitted (this is also free!)

  1. Subscribe to Artpromotivate by email. Enter your email in the box above and wait for an email to arrive with a confirmation link. You will not be fully subscribed without clicking this link.

  2. Promote at least one of our posts. Do this by sharing a link to at least one of the articles or artist spotlights at your art blog, at an artist forum, or your website OR linking to our home page ( in your blogroll or links page.

  3. Send the URL to where you placed a link to Artpromotivate to my email address: 

    artist email

    In the subject of the email, enter “Artpromotivate Spotlight Links”


I will do my best to feature your spotlight within two weeks. I am not doing this to give preference to any artists - but I know many are becoming impatient waiting to be featured. This will give you an opportunity to be showcased here faster in return for giving back to the site and the community of artists featured here. Working together, we can achieve a lot more than we can by ourselves. When you link to and promote Artpromotivate, you will be helping to expand the reach of this website – thereby bringing more exposure to all the talented artists featured within.


How to Get Your Art Featured Within Regular Posts


abstract wavesWe will be featuring certain works of art by previously interviewed artists within regular posts and art promotion articles. Each image will include your name and your website beside it.




Extrication               ©Graham Matthews


If you want your art to be featured within regular posts, you must do these things:

  1. Subscribe to this website.

    Create your own Website!It is very easy to subscribe here. Simply enter your email in the box at the top of this website, and wait for a confirmation email to arrive. When it does, click the link within that email to begin receiving updates to this art promotion website.

  2. Find an article you like here at Artpromotivate and post the link elsewhere on the web.

    The article can be anything – one of the regular posts or an artist spotlight. This can be within a post at your art blog, an art forum, or on your website. Instead of this, you can include in your blogroll or anywhere on your website. Of course if you already did this in the past, you do not have to do it again.

  3. Share a testimonial with us about Artpromotivate, how the articles have helped you promote art, or what you like about the site.

    Testimonials will be published on a page of its own soon after we have received a few.

    Everyone is welcome to send us testimonials!

    Send them to the email address pictured above. Include in the subject line “Artpromotivate Testimonials”. Also state your full name and and the link to your portfolio or art blog, which will be included along with the testimonial. Also attach where you posted the shared link described above.

  4. If you are previously featured, and want to submit new work to be featured within Artpromotivate articles, send them to the above email. Include the title of each image within the file title. Also, include your name and art website in the body of the email, along with where you posted a link to Artpromotivate.


Obviously, you can take advantage of both of these at once by filling out the spotlight form, subscribing, linking to us, and submitting a testimonial.

Thank-you for being a part of this ambitious project! This site has become a big part of my life, something that I am wholly devoted to, and I am actually considering expanding sometime.

What would you like to see here in the future? An artist forum? A portfolio site? Any other ideas?

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  1. I foolishly used 'Fine Art Registry' with Teri Franks and now I feel like an idiot for using her business. It looked good, felt like this was so 'professional'. I'm upset, and now, I am wondering how can I trust another company like yours? I did homework on her company and at the time I found nothing, but I think I wasn't looking in the right corners sadly.
    Can you shed some light on the FAR scam? what happened to our art that was posted online, data of my art, why weren't the artists notified? .. I'm just asking because I am not sure whom to turn to at this point.
    thanks if you can help.


Thank-you for your comment!