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Virginia Erdie - Abstract Art Based on Theories of Reality - String Theory, Hologram Theory, Fractal Theory

With classical training from The Maryland Institute, College of Art and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I am now an artist at Studio 18 in South Florida.

While much of my portfolio contains surreal artwork, my present work is abstract.

The first time I remember creating something was on the blackboard in the two-room grade school I attended. I was called to the blackboard to draw a Cornucopia with coloured chalk. I was amazed to see that the teacher and students were amazed at what I had drawn.


What inspires you the most for creating art?

My interest and studies of the String Theory, Fractal Theory, Hologram Theory and other philosophies of reality and the Universe inspire me to do abstract art.


virginia erdie painting


What are your primary art influences?

My main influences while studying in undergraduate and graduate school were Kandinsky, Gorki, Magritte, Dali, Bosch, Rousseau and more. Thanks to Facebook, I am privileged to an immense amount of fascinating artwork that inspires me on a daily basis.


Artistic STYLE

The colors in my artwork are passionate and moving. The imagery is whimsical and inspiring.



I enjoy most making abstract art, dreaming and reading about theories of reality, and seeing each abstract evolve accordingly.


Art Marketing offline

I just exhibited at Art Basel at Miami Beach this year. I have exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and locally in South Florida. I am now working with a Fine Art Dealer and I am an artist at Studio 18 in South Florida. I also exhibit is some smaller venues locally.


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Art Promotion online

Though there are many free online site for artists, I don't feel they are very helpful to gain exposure.


Name 3 words that describe yourself

whimsical, profound, insightful


Would you like to give some advice to emerging and aspiring artists?

The only thing I would have to say to aspiring and emerging artists is to maintain a sense of decency when marketing oneself... be true to your own calling and respect other artists' work.


Virginia Erdie - Abstract Paintings Based on Theories of Reality - Hologram Theory, String Theory, Fractal Theory

More of Virginia Erdie’s abstract and surreal paintings can be viewed at her website:

Virginia Erdie


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