blogs about art businessThe internet is a vast resource for artists. Many art blogs and websites exist that offer free art business advice for artists. Artpromotivate is of course one of them, but for this list I will be referring to other sources for learning how to market art. All of these are popular sites and have their own dedicated readership. Through Artpromotivate, I am honoured to be serving so many artists around the world. But, I realize that Artpromotivate is only one resource among many. 

One of the purposes of Artpromotivate is to inform all of you what is out there, so that artists can use everything available at their disposal to promote their own art. Hence, comes this list of top 6 art blogs and websites for learning about the business of art.


6 of the Best Websites and Blogs for Learning about Art Business



    art businessI have yet to come across a site with so many in depth articles as Art Business. The writing is top notch. Owned by author, appraiser, advisor, and art consultant Alan Bamberger, the blog features a wide variety of helpful and informative articles.

    Create your own Website!Alan has been writing about the art business since 1983, and has been featured in numerous media circles (television, magazines, newspapers, and books).

    The blog features hundreds of articles related to art promotion. Click the Articles link in the top menu bar. Articles are divided into two categories – Artists and Collectors. The Artists tab leads to a page with a huge list of resources to present, promote, and market art. The articles are not categorized and there is no place to comment, but that really doesn’t bother me. You will find topics here on art galleries, social networking, pricing art, advice, artist websites, and much more. If you have a little time on your hands, I really do recommend reading through many of the articles, and maybe taking notes. I have learned so much from, and I’m sure you will too!

  2. ArtBizBlog

    Art Biz BlogWhat online artist hasn’t heard of Artbizblog? It has become the go to resource for many artists, and has a strong community of regular commenters. The blog is run by author, art consultant, and art coach Alyson B. Stanfield.  

    Check out the post categories in the sidebar to find topics such as art business practices and resources, art career goals, art marketing, selling art online, social networking, inspiration, motivation, and much more. I especially like Deep Thought Thursday, where Alyson poses one question or deep thought for her readers, and they are encouraged to relate their point of view on the topic.

    I would suggest reading through some of the comments, as many times artists share their own advice and experiences there. The Artizblog is a huge resource in itself, but if you feel the need to step up your art promotions, Alyson holds online classes along with several resources for this purpose. She is also the writer of a book about art marketing -  I’d Rather be in the Studio

  3. Right Brain Rockstar

    right brain rockstarRight Brain Rockstar is the creation of artist and writer Dan Johnson. You will find a wide variety of blog posts covering ideas for selling art, art and money, inspiration, and more. 

    The easiest way to find past articles is through the Archive link right at the top. The last 20 posts are displayed, along with categories and monthly archives. Dan has been very busy writing guest posts for other art blogs as well, and has even guest posted for us in this article: Pros and Cons of Using Art Giveaways to Promote Art

  4. Skinny Artist

    skinny artistAt Skinny Artist you will find a wealth of art marketing and inspirational articles, written by blog owner Drew Kimble and various guest authors.

    Having a unique cutting-edge writing style, and awarded the 2011 Inspirational Website Award from (well deserved!), Drew has managed to build quite the reputation for himself in a relatively short time. 

    Easily search for popular articles in the sidebar, or via the tag clouds at the bottom. Popular categories include creative productivity, inspiration, marketing myths, artist life, and online marketing. While your there, why not signup for the Skinny Art School, a free email course on all the basics of online art promotion. There are many useful tips in this course, and I think you find it very helpful!

  5. Empty Easel

    empty easelEmpty Easel is created by an artist by the name of Dan, and  has been online since 2006. They began back then with only one author, but now have a team of authors writing on a variety of art related topics. Find advice and tutorials on color theory, painting, drawing, Photoshop, photography, selling art online, seo for artists, art websites and much more. All of these categories can be reached through the top navigation menu.

    Using all their experience about artist websites and feedback from other artists, they co-founded a premium art portfolio service called Foliotwist. I recently I had an opportunity to take a look at Foliotwist, and posted about it here: Overview of Foliotwist

  6. The Abundant Artist

    the abundant artistI first wrote this list with 5 sites but had a feeling that I was forgetting one. Then it suddenly came to me – The Abundant Artist! How could I forget!

    The main mission of the Abundant Artist blog is to dispel the starving artist myth, a term which often pops up when referring to a struggling artist. The site began in 2009 and is owned by Cory Huff, an actor and storyteller. To reach the wealth of art marketing articles, browse through the archive, topics, or tags. Topics range from selling art online, Facebook, social media, blogging, and much, much more. While your there, why not sign up for the free email course Sell More Art Online in 10 Weeks.

So, obviously I am not alone in this blogosphere with what I write about. The writers at these blogs write about most of the same topics but all have their own unique styles and perspectives.

Which of these art promotion blogs and websites is your favorite and why?

Would you like to recommend a site not mentioned here?

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