cathy moothart pet portraitsCathy Moothart

USA, Hillsboro, Oregon

Pet Portraits - Why not hang your pet on the wall?!

My name is Cathy Moothart.

I create unique pet portraits in acrylic paint and colorful wine labels from all over the world.

I can create something you've never seen before.

I grew up in a family of Artists. My Dad did fabulous paintings of Walt Disney characters. My brother was a successful Commercial Artist. My Mother did beautiful copper enamelling. I've explored various art medias all my life.

Blue - Cathy Moothart



I paint using acrylics in a sort of colorful impressionistic/expressionistic style. I love color.



I use acrylic paint, new and vintage wine labels on stretched canvas.


Process and Technique

I capture the essence of the pet I'm painting in acrylic paint, paying particular attention to textures, light and shadows with unexpected colors. Then I decoupage real wine labels from all over the world on the canvas as the background. The image and background wraps around the canvas, so a frame is not necessary.





jasper in the irises


I've always loved the Great Masters: Picasso, Monet, Manet, and all the other Impressionists. After all, creating a piece of Art is "an impression" of reality, isn't it?!

Jasper in the Iris's - Cathy Moothart


Where do you find your ideas for pet portraits?

From photos: Digital photos, old paper photos, magazine pet photos, the internet, using multiple pics to create the desired pose. If my client's pet photo is perfect, I just use that.


Why do you create art?

I've always felt the need to create art: From Drawing, to painting, making stained glass windows, sculpture, building jewellery. One has always lead to another. And I create art to stay sane! Besides painting, I'm also a Care-Giver for my 92 year old Mother, in my home, 24/7. This is something I can do and still watch her.


sad lab portrait

How often do you paint?

Almost daily. I typically paint 2 portraits at once moving back and forth between the two.


Sad Lab - Cathy Moothart



What is the best pet painting you ever created?

A portrait of a Weimaraner dog I named "Blue". He has a comical expression on his face and his pose makes me smile. He is grey in color and the hi-lights are as blue as his startling eyes! On this portrait I only used wine labels from our local wineries.


What role does the artist play in society?

We make people feel good, or at least to feel something: some emotion. Art surrounds us, from what we choose to fill our homes, to the clothes we wear. It defines us as being different.


Do you make a living with your pet portraits?

No, not yet! I've sold a few pieces, given some away to family members, even traded a painting for dental work! I just recently got my website up and hope to see results from that! My husband refurbs and flips houses, so that's our main way of making a living now. No office-work life for either of us!


sake kitty painting   

Art Promotion

Well, my new website, of course, and I've got a Facebook page.


Can you recommend a great contemporary artist?

I guess the first one I think of is H.R. Geiger, the remarkable artist who designed the 1979 movie set of "Alien". The use of shadows and light is hypnotic to me. And that is the only movie that truly scared me to pieces! - again, art creates emotion!

Sake Kitty - Cathy Moothart


Please tell us an interesting story in your life.

Ah, my brush with greatness: Meeting a famous country-western singer at a party, after a Pink Floyd concert in Dallas,Texas. He tried to pick me up and I didn't know who us was! He just blinked at me and walked away. My brother thought it was hilarious and explained who the guy was.


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

In ten years I will be enjoying retirement life as a successful Artist, living in Fiji, or Bali, or any place warm and sandy, and walking the beach with my still hunky husband, Jim!


Advice for aspiring artists

Stay creative. Do it.


Cathy Moothart - Pet Portraits - Why not hang your pet on the wall?!

USA, Hillsboro, Oregon


Facebook: Cathy Moothart

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