successful facebook artists promoteCertain artists have been having huge success promoting art with Facebook fan pages. For those who are virtually unknown, the initial growth of a fan page can be a slow, pain staking process. It is easy to become disillusioned when you see artists with thousands of followers and yours sits there in the hundreds.

But, there is hope for your fan page. From looking at many successful artists on Facebook, I have learned something very interesting.

It seems that growth of a consistently updated fan page is exponential.


That is, if you take 6 months to reach 1000 fans, it may take about 3 months to reach 2000. This is because with an increasing fan-base comes more interaction, and therefore more people seeing your posts. Of course, there are several other factors involved – the main being the quality of the artwork and the personality of the artist.

I know many who dislike the Facebook Timeline feature, but I find it extremely useful. Using it, I can go back and see what the artist posted at the very beginning and examine the progress of the Facebook page over time.

In doing so, I can see which posts captured the most attention – from comments, shares and likes. Of course, posts at the early history of any page normally have little interaction.

But with continual updates, sharing your artwork, and interacting with fans, the page will grow. This does require producing lots of art and showing it often.

An inactive artist leads to an inactive fan page.

facebook artist likesIncidentally, if you have some inappropriate past posts at your Facebook page, it is advisable to go back and delete them – so they will not be viewed by future fans of your page.

I examined 3 successful artist pages Hiroko Fine Art, Monika Mori Art and Natasha Wescoat.

When you visit these Facebook pages, check out the number of likes. They didn’t come upon this high number by accident – but by using their pages to interact with their audience. Learn what the pros are doing for their Facebook pages and don’t be afraid to copy it.


3 Artist Pages to Watch on Facebook


  1. Hiroko Sakai Fine Art – 22,780 Likes

    hiroko sakai facebook page Hiroko Sakai is a contemporary Japanese artist currently residing in San Francisco USA. You can view her Artpromotivate spotlight entry here: Hiroko Sakai

    This is an enormous number of FB likes. How did she achieve this many fans?

    Using the Facebook Timeline, I went back to when she first created her page, May 13, 2009.

    She began by posting all of her artworks, and from the start included a title, description and links to her website and Fine Art America profile. At the outset, she shared favorite quotes, personal messages, and photos from her gallery showings and events. Hiroko also created albums with photographs detailing the progress of specific artworks. In recent posts, she does all of the above, but also shares interesting and funny images. It is evident that Hiroko Sakai has dedicated much time to her page from the very beginning and it has paid off tremendously.

  2. Mori Art | Moo – 12,619 Likes

    monika mori facebook page Monika Mori is a contemporary abstract expressionist from Austria. She has been previously featured at Artpromotivate - Monika Mori.

    Monika began her page in 2007 but it initially had a very slow growth. By April 29, 2010 she had 800 fans. In 2011, Monika updated regularly, sometimes several times daily.

    She consistently added lots of art and photos from her gallery events, and interacted with her fans. By May 19, 2012 she reached 5000 likes. Today, just 4 months later, her followers have almost tripled! (Congratulations Monika!)

    From Monika’s example we learn that it is never too late to begin working at your Facebook page and updating it regularly. It is one of the easiest and effective ways of promoting art online. By constantly updating and keeping regular followers interested, they will continue to share and like your posts – in effect helping you promote your art.

  3. Natasha Wescoat – 7132 Likes

    natasha wescoat facebook page Natasha Wescoat is a self-taught fantasy artist and illustrator from Michigan, USA.  Natasha began her page in 2008.

    Initially her Facebook page was surprisingly barren of artwork, but she made extensive use of the notes feature. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began displaying her art at all!

    Today, she aggressively makes use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to connect with fans, and has become very successful with doing so. She uses some very effective promotional tactics at her Facebook page.

    Make an offer – gives her fans the opportunity to name a fair price for an artwork
    Ebay – She posts all her Ebay auctions at her Facebook page.
    New artworks – Natasha announces her upcoming artworks and publications at her page.
    Connect with fans – She answers all questions and responds in a very down to earth tone.
    Posts unique offers - This makes being a fan and visiting her page regularly valuable for her fans.

    There are many other marketing tactics she makes good use of as well. Go through her past posts and take note of things you can do at your own Facebook page. You will gather incites on how a successful artist and illustrator is making a very good living combining her Facebook page, Ebay, and several other sources.


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Are you struggling with getting fans for your FB fan page? What methods are you using to bring awareness?

Feel free to post your Facebook page below, and tell us how you use it to promote art.

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  1. Ken Newman Sculptures

    Use FB to promote shows, events and museum exhibitions. It connects initially through family and friends and then finds a larger audience over time.

    We use FB also to direct traffic to my blog Sculpting on the Road and website and visa-versa. My updates on FB link to my twitter account. One day more will be linked together as each Social Media site has a different potential clientele, as well as networking opportunities.

  2. Thanks for showing some great artists and their facebook pages! It's always helpful to see how others are promoting themselves and their work.

    My facebook page is

    I have an Esty account to sell my art (, a website (, and a blog ( and use all of these to try and consistently tie them together. In my Etsy profile I include a link to my facebook page in addition to using the teams on Etsy to promote my page ( When commenting on other blogs I make sure to include my Art by Keri Keene name with my facebook url. This way if someone clicks on my name in the comments it will direct them to my facebook page.


    I've been trying to grow my following, but am still at the beginning despite putting a lot of effort into all the social media. I have a Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc...but most of my effort goes to my blog ( and Facebook.

    I have been working on projects and sharing art regularly on both my blog and FB and I notice that is when I seem to get the best results. People want to see the art - not reposts of other things or silly quotes - they wan tthe good stuff! I've even managed a couple sales and two peices hanging in galleries! So, I'm giving it my all and I hope to see it pay off!

    You can cetainly see my progression on my page and as an artist. I would love to be featured here, because getting anywhere in the art world takes a lot of hard work (and a lot of connections!)


    What I have found lately is that being consistent is the key with social media in all forms. I was getting really good at posting on all my sites together. My fan page, blog, pinterest, daily painting works, zazzle, twittwe, linkedin, and sending out a news letter up date of new work. I saw a huge increase in the traffic on my page. then for reasons I stopped for short time and I saw a drop. now I am getting back in that mode and I have 17 new likes this week. People are not going to know you are there. Its up to me to show them


    The post about facebook couldn't be more timely for me. I am just now starting to sell my artwork.

    I started my fanpage in 2010 but didn't do anything with it until recently. I am also a nurse and am working to build an art business.

    I post my blog and artwork photos on my fanpage regularly. In between I share/tag fun, colorful and interesting art/design related items that I come across. I made a couple landing tabs that have given me some "likes". I post a series on my blog called "Art for your Health" that seems to catch readers eyes as well.

    In the end, I hope to come across as genuine and my unique self on my blog, website and social media.

    Thank you for this post!


    Thanks Laura.. I'm glad you found the post helpful. I took a look at your site, and must say that I love your style. I'll follow your Twitter and Facebook in a moment.. Thanks for posting!

  7. Thanks for creating this site! I sent an email about my page but here it is again -
    Check out this video I made to promote an upcoming exhibition I'm having too :)
    Thanks- Eskort

    I try to post new art a few times a week. Plus put a notice on Twitter and there are links on my websites.

    Anybody ever tried advertising on Facebook? Does it work?

    I have heard that one can buy "Likes". Has anyone tried that - not sure why one would want to do it though other than to have a lot of likes.

    Also heard that Facebook only sends out your posts to about 16% of your Facebook followers and they suggest sponsoring posts. Anyone tried that?

  9. Interesting:
    Go to Twitter and Hiroko Sakai only has 91 followers.
    Wonder why the big difference between the Facebook numbers (22,807) and Twitter (91).

    I use facebook everyday and post my work in progress as well as finished pieces. I interact with my fans by sharing their work and events, I write amusing notes and serious notes. Share my blog posts and events and media. I enjoy sharing other artists work so feel free to post to my time line!


    I took a class on boosting your media buzz at my local arts council last week. There was one session that focused on using Facebook fan pages as a means of marketing your business. I learned so much.

    Posting consistently and using your Page to like other Pages - especially Pages of other local artists and businesses that are involved with the arts in your community - has really helped. The majority of my paintings feature flowers or other scenes from nature, so using my FB Page, I've "liked" the largest botanical gardens in the state that I live in. Also, if your post on your page has something to do with a local business or event, you can "tag" that FB Page, too.

    In the space of one week my "likes" have increased from 50 to more than 70. I'm optimistic than I can increase the number of likes - I've set a goal of 500 "likes" by the end of this year.

  12. @Cathy Rodgers
    Thanks for sharing Cathy! I just shared one of your Facebook page photos with the Artpromotivate page... Hope that helps! :)

  13. Great Article. Started following these artists as I too have struggled for fans.

    I use Facebook and Twitter and am on Fine Art America as well and I'm trying to not forget my Google+ account. I also recently redesigned my personal website, to try to crosslink all avenues. I also use the Fine Art America FB App on my Facebook page, but it doesn't seem to help any.

    Last year I did a painting of a crippled dog ("Buddy's Hope) as a way to make donations to him by selling prints and promoted it through FB, Twitter, Google+ and on his FB page as well. His owner also tried to promote it as well to her fan base. Sales were pitiful to say the least and I don't think it even sold $100 worth of prints and notecards.

    I have yet to sale any prints and I don't think I'm a bad artist either, especially when it comes to pet portraits. So I don't know what I'm doing wrong - but will continue anyway as painting is more important to me than anything.

    1. Like! Your FB page, your style so different from mine, and you are right it is more important than anything else and with that idea, we will continue to achieve the success that comes from living a life based on truth and beauty.

    2. I am an artist and I will be brutally honest with you with what I have learned so far. Your portraits of dogs are lovely and the skill is there clearly but who wants to buy and hang a painting of a dog suffering I think? Lora Zombie is a famous artist and she has done portraits of dogs to help them but I think her portraits look fun. Your art looks like you have the technique but where is the creative part? I mean how is it different to the other billion of artist out there doing also portraits? I am not gonna lie to you I myself haven't done the job to really stand out but I do know the painters I admire do! and I know why they do. They simply stand out from the rest because their work is unique in all ways not just in how they use the media. You do portraits and that is already an specific interest but many artist focus on that, so what else can you add to that, that is different. Maybe you want to do just religious stuff like Akiane but she has a whole vision. Her art is about full concepts in morality. She is sending a huge message in each painting. Maybe you want to be a portrait artist that does handle light in an special way but there has to be an story that tides all your pieces. Right now is just portraits with no correlation between them. In other words make a statement and by writing it you will know what is what cutators call your narrative. You will know more about your interests. seek for roll models who are famous and analyze why there whole body of work is developing and I guarantee you, you will start seeing that those artist are focusing in developing in one direction with their work and it is not just a subject. I read one time that the work of real artist is like looking through a magnifier with each work. When I look at your work I see very good portraits but not story of where you are going with them. When I see a Silvia Ji body of work one year I know immediately she is exploring one year Adelitas or simply Native Americans. I know the palette of colors she is using lately and how she is very selective about everything in the piece that surrounds the subject (portrait or human figure). It took me many years to understand how artist develop and why some don't and keep painting just subjects. Hope this helps because you already have the technique almost fully developed and that is already half of the job.

  14. Thanks for the very helpful post with amazing examples.
    My facebook page is
    I promote my page via my blog and website. I am currently participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 day marketing challenge.

  15. Thank you for this and many other helpful illuminating posts you've shared Graham.
    I have used my FB page to promote Art By Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987. I find that the more consistant I am with using FB to promote my art page the better the results. Another idea I've tried, has been to like pages related to my type of artwork in the business arena. For instance, since I paint portraits of pets, I thought I might look up pet groomer's FB pages. This again, may be frowned upon and seem too aggressive, however, I honestly do like their pages. The adorable pets and photos really do inspire me. If it's not too abstract a tact, innovative ideas for promoting can't hurt, at least I hope not. I just received a positive comment on one of my very affordable 8 Cat prints I posted on Smitten With Kittens FB page. Results can have their own timing. Still plugging away and doing the foot work is essential.
    My facebook art page is:

  16. Thanks for the helpful information. I'm promoting my page by sharing work in progress, completed work, and events for Michael's Stores and Paint Nite~ the two companies I work as an artist for. I've also held two giveaways which worked out pretty well. Any help promoting my page and garnering more likes is always appreciated!!!

  17. I'm a 19 year old student trying to gather likes for my page. I promote my page by sharing my works online. I made this page to earn some extra cash, i'm a freelance graphic artist and i want to improve not only by practicing but also through this page. Please help me promote my page it would be a big help!

  18. I'm a 19 year old student trying to gather likes for my page. I promote my page by sharing my works online. I made this page to earn some extra cash, i'm a freelance graphic artist and i want to improve not only by practicing but also through this page and the experience that this page would soon give me. Please help me promote my page it would be a big help!

  19. I use facebook to tell my fans where I will be-art show, craft show or other event. I have an Etsy, and CraftStar page and use that to gather likes, that has worked reasonably well for numbers, but no sales yet! I have much of my artwork on my FB page and am looking for any type of promotion. I recently found this site and find the articles and links very interesting and helpful.



    Visit :) Like if you Like.

  22. Hi I am a senior at school and am trying to get people to notice my art and how im progressing along the way. I do all sorts and would really appreciate any positive comments and likes on my Facebook page. Thank you ! :)
    SEARCH: Emily Louise Art on Facebook

  23. Always looking for fresh new ideas on how to promote my art. I am originally a painter/ pencil artist but I have found work mostly in the graphic field and most of my base are local Real Estate Agents. I love creating art and would love to only do art for a living. It is hard to bro the bubble of friends I already have when it comes to getting likes on my page

  24. I'm here to get people to acknowledge my art and I'm totally new at this and I'm learning how to do it. On my facebook page Idisplay and sell my works both Original and Print. Just trying to spread the word/my works around!

  25. Great article! :) (h)
    here's my page if you want to have a look at it,,,it's still new, i will appreciate if you support me and click "Like"
    i'm a young artist,you can know more about me and my style from the "about" section i love art,and i post my work and posts about art in general in my page
    i will check the pages in everyone's comments
    have a nice day all

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