share promote motivate faa groupOnline artist membership groups are a effective way to network with other artists and promote art to a select groups of individuals. I have been a member of several online art groups, especially at Facebook and Linkedin. For our next group, I decided to go with Fine Art America.

Fine Art America is one of the largest online print on demand services. Their site offers artists from all across the globe the opportunity to showcase and promote artworks, sell art prints, and participate in blogs and groups. FAA has 2792 recently active groups filled with artists and collectors from around the world.



These are our groups elsewhere on the web:

  1. Promote Your Art – Facebook
  2. APM at Linkedin

The Fine Art America groups have some unique differences from the Linkedin and Facebook groups that you may be accustomed to. This is a brief outline of some of the main features.


Fine Art America Groups Overview

  1. Group Home
    fine art america groups
    Right at the top of FFA group pages appears a menu with the following headings – Home, Members, Images, Discussions, Contests, Activity, and My Group Images.

    A brief description of the group details appears at the top.

    Read through this for each FAA group joined, as it usually contains important information and rules. Below this are Featured Images. These are artworks which have been specially selected by the administrator to be featured on the front page. The right sidebar contains a few important links.

    The administrator’s Fine Art America profile is at the top. Invite others at Facebook, Twitter, and email via their respective icons. Group stats appear directly below this, and give info. on number of members, images, and discussions. At the bottom of the sidebar is the place to subscribe to the artwork feed and member feed.

  2. Members
    See a list of all the group members, with the most recently joined appearing at the top.

  3. Images
    This page lists all artworks that have been added, with most recently submitted at the top.

  4. Discussions
    This is typically the most informative and helpful section of any FAA group. There are often topics on Facebook pages, posting your links, marketing tips, critiques, and more.

  5. Contests
    Lists currently active art contests, and ones from the past. Read the contest rules and apply for contests.

  6. Activity
    If you like being active in Fine Art America groups, this page will save you much time. View recent activity based on artworks, members, discussions, and featured artworks.

  7. My Group Images
    This page will help you in submitting artworks, and seeing which ones are accepted. View active images, pending images, rejected images, and non-group images. I find the non-group images page the most useful, as I can view all the artworks I have not submitted to that particular group, and easily enter them. Please follow the group rules. Most allow only a certain amount of entries per day, typically 3. So, you may be wasting your time and annoying the groups administrator if you go over this number.


FAA Group Tips

  1. faa artist groupsJoin several  related to the genre of art you create.

  2. Check out contests and submit for ones that are relevant.

  3. Take part in discussions, get feedback and find valuable tips.

  4. Search for discussions whereby you can include your art website, Facebook page, and Twitter profile. This is a valuable free linking opportunity!

  5. Submit images by going to My Group Images, then Non-Group Images. You will see a selection of artworks which have not been submitted to the group yet.

  6. Invite others to the group via Facebook, Twitter and email via the links in the sidebar.


Share Promote Motivate

I have a few unique plans for this group which may benefit group members enormously, especially relating to the contests. Winners of the contests will receive special features at the group page, along with being promoted via other avenues –, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Stay tuned for more details on FAA contests.

Each artist who joins and submits artworks will automatically receive one featured artwork on the front page that day. I will be featuring artists regularly separate from this.

Get a free opportunity to promote your art websites, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and Twitter. I have separate topics for each in the group discussions.

To join our new Fine Art America group, you may go to this page.

Share – Promote – Motivate

If you are not a Fine Art America member already, you will have to signup. Don’t worry – it’s free… and you don’t even need to sell artwork or prints via Fine Art America to take part in FAA groups.

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  1. Great idea Graham! A group with eclectic art with your following... It is bound to be a success! Thank you!


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