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Southeastern United States

Contemporary Visions Of Nature


I am a contemporary, representational painter. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in fine art from Bard College in New York. I currently reside in Southwest Florida, where I paint seascapes, beach scenes, birds, and animals.



Girl With Red Bucket ©Sharon Guy




I began drawing and painting when I was around 9 years old and never stopped. As a child, I spent many hours drawing horses from photographs, and later on, I learned how to draw them from life.


Please tell us all about your art.

I paint in acrylics and watercolors in a loose, impressionistic style with vibrant colors. I work directly from life as much as possible, in order to make the painting look alive. Sometimes I use sketches and my memory to create a scene. My favorite subjects are animals, birds, and seascapes. My goal is to capture the essence of a subject in a way that engages the viewer.


What kind of music do you listen to while painting?

While working in my studio I enjoy listening to classical music, especially Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven.


appaloosa horse painting   

How do you get inspired when uninspired?

In the past, I had some days when I didn't feel up to making art. I made it a habit to schedule regular art session, whether I felt like it or not, and just started puttering around in my studio. After a little while, I would become totally involved in making art. Now, I just plan the work time and I feel inspired as soon as I get started.


Appaloosa In The Sunshine ©Sharon Guy




What do you do in your free time besides art?

I enjoy running, swimming and biking with friends. I run in local races. When I'm not busy with outdoor activities, I like to read.


What are you working on at the moment?

My newest project is a mixed-media, sketchbook journal. I am traveling around the area and sketching nature from life, as well as dogs, cats, birds, and anything else that catches my eye. I'm working primarily with watercolors and pencil in the book. I look forward to experimenting with pen and ink, and will add some descriptive writing to some of the pages. The sketchbook will become a reference source for larger paintings in acrylics.


What is the best artwork you ever created?


flying over bird"Always Smiling" is my best painting, because it has a strong, bold design and it expresses the joyfulness of dogs in a way that people find contagious.

Flying Over Blue-Green Waters ©Sharon Guy




What role does the artist play in society?

Visual artists help people notice the world around them, including light, colors, patterns, and abstract shapes. Representational artists can draw attention to ordinary scenes and subjects that many people overlook as they rush around in their busy lives. Artists are also decorators who make homes, businesses and public places more visually pleasing and comfortable.


Have you sold many artworks?

I've sold about 43 paintings. Most of my sales were from Internet websites, but I am currently starting to get involved in more local shows in Southwest Florida.


What are your favorite methods of online art promotion?


always smiling dog paintingMy favorite way to promote my art is to post it in my Fine Art America shop. I get a lot of traffic there and have had some inquiries about buying originals. I also post art in my Etsy Shop. I have a website on Fine Art Studio Online and I also display my art on a blog called Sharon Guy Studio.


Always Smiling ©Sharon Guy



Who are your main art influences?

I was strongly influenced by European and American Impressionism. While growing up, I saw many works by the Hudson River Artists, and I admired the way they painted the soft light and atmosphere of the distant mountains. When I was studying art in college in New York, I was impressed with the large, powerful Abstract Expressionist paintings of Jackson Pollock. Although I've been influenced by many artists, I always try to find my own style, my own voice.


Please recommend a contemporary artist.

One of my favorite living artists is Kerri Settle, who paints moody seascapes of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I appreciate the way she depicts the sea and dunes with soft light and muted colors. She uses a minimalist approach to her seascapes, which capture the essence of the places without unnecessary detail.


Please tell us an achievement in your life.


moonlit sky horsesMy most exciting achievement was to complete two marathon races. Finishing a marathon used to seem like an impossible thing to do, but now a marathon just seems like a long race that makes my feet really tired.


Under A Moonlit Sky ©Sharon Guy


Where do you see yours art career 10 years from now?

In 10 years I plan to have completed some solo shows and to have published many sketchbooks of my travels.


Advice for Artists

It is important for aspiring artists to find their own, unique vision and try to develop it. This can involve creating a large series of your most favorite subjects, or by developing a certain style or method that allows you to express yourself in a consistent way.


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Sharon Guy - Contemporary Visions Of Nature

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