Goal Wheel for ArtistsHave you set goals for your art career? I often ask this question for the artist spotlight feature: “Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?” Most artists have very lofty goals – I do as well.

But, I ask you this - have you actually spent time in planning goals for your art career and working out how to achieve them?

This is a very important first step to success in any art business, whether on the internet or in an art gallery.



Think of it like this. To begin any business, you first need a business plan. If you planned on opening a new restaurant, you would need to work out goals, start-up costs, everything needed to get setup, and what group of people the business caters to. Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you need a business plan. I know most artists are not business oriented people and would rather create than deal with all that business stuff.

But, marketing art is different than any regular business. The artist is the CEO and the only employee. Unless you have help, you have to deal all the parts of the business - production, marketing and selling. This is a huge undertaking, and it certainly is necessary to set goals, have a plan, and take the necessary steps to propel your art career to new levels.

There is a book that can help with that - The Goal Wheel for Artists. I will tell you more about this goal book below.


Why is Goal Setting so Important for Artists?

  1. It will give you a clearer idea of what you want to achieve for your art. In knowing that, you can take the necessary actions to reach those goals.

  2. With each goal achieved comes a growing confidence and direction. You will see what you have achieved and each subsequent goal will be easier to reach.

  3. Setting goals gives artists more time to create. The focus will first be on your art, then promoting and selling it.


The Goal Wheel for Artists – Helping Artists to Reach Their Goals

Setting Goals BookThere are countless books on the topic of setting goals. The Goal Wheel for Artists is a goal book written specifically for artists, by an artist. The author, Tara Reed, is an artist, art licensing expert, art coach, and owner of ArtLicensingBlog.com, ArtLicensingInfo.com, and her own art site.

The Goal Wheel for Artists includes loads of advice and techniques on creating the right artistic goals, achieving them, rewarding yourself, and still having plenty of time to do what you do best – create art.

Think of the Goal Wheel for Artists as your business plan, explained in a way that artists can relate to.

Tara teaches goal setting in a way that is understandable and relative to artists – using the color wheel.

The color wheel is divided into three sections (three primary colors).

  1. Goals to create your art
  2. Goals to promote your art
  3. Goals to recharge yourself

Tara guides artists through each section, and gives valuable incite on setting and achieving goals for each step.

Goal Setting for Artists

To learn more about what’s in the book, click here.

This is a little video from Tara Reed where she explains the story of how she got into the business of art licensing. 


Goal Wheel


What are your goals, ambitions and dreams for your art career? Do you see yourself selling more or receiving more notoriety as an artist? Please leave a comment below.

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