portfolio website templatesWebsite templates allow for easy construction of a site, without having to know complex coding such as HTML5, and CSS. With the Wix website builder, any template can be loaded and personalized to your liking. Easily add your own text, navigation, background, fonts, images, and more to make it unique.


Each of these templates were created by professional web designers and specifically designed with artists, photographers, and other creative people in mind.

It is very easy to select any website template and begin building a website right away.

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10 Portfolio Gallery Templates to Showcase Art and Photography


  1. The ArtistThe Artist

    This is a great portfolio gallery template displaying a fictional art show titled Chase Happiness, a solo show at the Tate Gallery in London, England – Feb. 18th, 2014

    I like the layout of this one, and especially how new pages open up through transitions. This looks like flash, but it’s not. Transitions are actually made possible by HTML5 

  2. Jewelry WebsiteJewelry Website

    This is an amazing design for a website! Click on the top navigation to see how cool the page transitions are. The Collections page displays a series of thumbnail images, perfect for a portfolio website. Clicking on any image reveals a full screen slideshow

    Jewelry Website is recommended for jewel artists, but can be used by any artist, photographer, or designer. 

  3. Interior Decorating TemplateInterior Decorating

    Bunny Matthews? No one related to me. :)

    This is a website template for interior decorators, but would suit artists just fine.

    I love templates such as this one that are very visual. A large auto-slideshow captures the attention of visitors, with space for smaller images below. The rest of the site is very straight forward, leaving plenty of room to showcase lots of art. 

  4. The Pinter TemplateThe Painter

    The Painter template displays a series of small images on the home page.

    This setup maybe useful for showcasing a series of similar images, such as portraits. The Gallery page has a similar layout.

    Take a look at the Resume page. It includes headings for Professional Info., Work Experience, Education, Languages, and Skills.

  5. Creative Portfolio TemplateCreative Portfolio

    Creative Portfolio is the perfect promotional page. At the top, a slideshow automatically scrolls through multiple images.

    Below this is space for displaying your best artwork. Clicking on each image reveals a larger image.

    Right at the bottom, there is a place for a picture of yourself, social networking buttons, and a contact form. 

  6. Artist Painter TemplateArtist Painter

    Artist Painter is a traditional portfolio site template, with a full page slideshow right on the home page.

    I like the layout of the portfolio pages – Recent Works, Past Works, and the Early Years.

    The first two pages show a grid patterned portfolio, while the Early Years has 3 sliding slideshows – creating variety in the site.

  7. Product Design TemplateProduct Design

    This is a designers portfolio website, including a bio, work, and contact page. 

  8. White Photographer TemplateWhite Photographer

    White photographer (there is a similar black photography template) is a simple but effective photographers template, having separate pages for themes, bio, and contact – and lots of space to showcase photos. 

  9. Carton Crafts TemplateCarton Crafts

    Carton Crafts is an eCommerce web store template, and would be great for selling artwork, prints and crafts. ECommerce templates are not free. You will have to upgrade to a website package to use this template.

    With listed prices below each item, a shopping cart, and checkout, this would be the ideal choice for those looking to sell art directly from their Wix site.

  10. Photographers Dream TemplatePhotographers Dream

    This is a very professional looking website template for photographers.

    Images are very large, and included pages are About, Portrait, Documentary and Contact.

Are any of these website gallery templates suitable for your purposes? Wix has 100’s more. If anyone would like me to post more here, just let me know. And, if you need any help setting up your site, I will be glad to help.

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