So far, 80 plus artists have been featured at Artpromotivate! I have been writing a series of retrospectives on these. You can view past retrospectives in the ARTISTS section of the sidebar.

For the spotlight, I have asked artists to write about an interesting experience or achievement – and I am sharing some of these again below.

If you have an achievement or story to share with us, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


  1. David Perl

    Northeast, USA

    Mediums: Photography, digital manipulation 

    david perlThemes: the natural world 

    Style: Natural beauty that surrounds us.


    I have been motorcycling back roads in the USA for 36 years. Two to four trips per year. And, have so far, lived to tell about it. Lot's of great times & memories. A lot of my art stems from these trips. One day I'll write the Great American novel on these trips into "Neverland." Don't think it will be too interesting or exciting to most other folks. You'd had to have been there to understand.

  2. Virginia Erdie 

    Florida, USA

    virginia erdie paintingMediums: Acrylic on canvas 

    Themes: theories of reality – fractal theory, string theory, hologram theory 

    Style: passionate, moving, whimsical, inspiring

    First Time Creating:

    The first time I remember creating something was on the blackboard in the two-room grade school I attended. I was called to the blackboard to draw a Cornucopia with coloured chalk. I was amazed to see that the teacher and students were amazed at what I had drawn.

  3. Caroline Swaine-Donohoe

    Ireland, Europe 

    Mediums: Oils and Acrylics 

    Themes: trees, ocean, seascapes, nature 

    winters walk paintingStyle: Landscape, abstract art

    Interesting Experience:

    I studied Italian in university and travelled all over Italy. I even got married there. Its a country that has such a rich art history and its a very inspiring country for me creatively. I came across a tiny art gallery in Sorrento which had the most extraordinary paintings.... each evening people would stop outside it and I watched as painting after painting was sold. It gave me hope that if you create good art, it will sell!

  4. Katerina Gorokhova

    Boston, Mass., USA

    Mediums: Acrylic on canvas, surrealism, sculpture, digital art, installation and video-art. 

    woman cage paintingThemes: people, mental and physical mutilation 

    Style: figurative

    Current Series:

    People usually are my main concern. At the moment I work on a series called "Heroes". Each person bears in himself a mutilation: whether it a physical mutilation or mental – we are not ideal. At times mental mutilation can be much stronger then the physical one, simply it is not so noticeable at first sight. People with the limited possibilities can have life full of pleasure and achievements. Series "Heroes" is a proof that invalids are not weak, they are people with very strong spirit and talent!

  5. Cheryl O 


    Mediums: watercolor, oil, acrylic 

    cheryl o paintingThemes: texture, color, movement, shape 

    Style: abstract

    Selling Art:

    I don't know an exact number, but it would be in the hundreds now. It's really fun to know that my art can be found around the world: Spain, Japan, Australia, Britain, U.S. I've had gallery shows in Ontario and Quebec. I was on eBay for a year as an experiment, but decided that the bargain mentality didn't really suit me. At the moment, I am concentrating on online sales through my website and an email list. It leaves me more time to paint, not driving works to various galleries, although I must say that the galleries were good to me too.

  6. Gretchen Deahl

    Pennsylvania, USA

    Mediums: watercolor, colored pencil, digital 

    go deep gretchen deahlThemes: guardian monsters

    Style: moody, whimsical

    Interesting Experience:

    Back in the mid 1980's my parents and I went on a trip to visit my mother's distant relatives in Sofia, Bulgaria. In many ways it felt like going back in time, where old women gathered together, covered entirely in black clothing called babushkas, and herds of sheep roamed between the high rise apartments of the capital city, tended by their shepherd. Our gracious hosts were distant cousins who showered us with hospitality and plenty of delicious food. One evening they took us to a restaurant high up in the surrounding mountains, past endless fields of giant sunflowers. As we began our meal I noticed music playing gently in the background. Was it the hauntingly beautiful “Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares” (The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices)? sung by "The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir" - the "singers that won the Grammy Award and endorsement from such pop superstars as Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt, George Harrison, Bobby Mcferrin, Midori and many others all over the world."
    No... it was American country music singer-songwriter, Willie Nelson.
    Small world.

  7. Neleisha Weerasinghe

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Mediums: collage and acrylic 

    Themes: trees, nature 

    Neleisha WeerasingheStyle: recycled art, swirling lines

    Memorable Event:

    I am a volunteer with a non for profit organisation that helps develop life skills at a shelter for abused girls. Last year myself and another artist conducted two art workshops for these girls. At the beginning it was a daunting task, as we didn’t know how they would react and we too didn’t have any experience conducting such workshops. But it turned out to be a quite interesting and fulfilling experience.

    On the first day we kept it simple, and let the girls enjoy working and having fun with colours. We split them in to groups and they had to create joint a work of art. The girls really enjoyed the time they had to work in groups and play and experiment with colours. The end results can still be seen hanging on the non for profit organisation's office in Colombo. The non for profit is Emerge Global (

  8. Ruth McCabe 

    United Kingdom 

    Mediums: watercolor, oils 

    Themes: landscapes, farm animals, birds, hares

    watercolor painting artStyle: abstract

    Experience with Art:

    I've been painting since 1997 and for the last 5 years, full time. Progressing from acrylics to oils about 6 years ago, this year I've mainly worked in watercolour, painting the local East Suffolk landscape and working towards greater abstraction.

    The grace of the ordinary (working agricultural landscape), natural and man-made tracks and marks on the landscape, colour, flow,all give me pleasure, as do the qualities of different media and surfaces.

    Creating goes back to childhood: the colourful world of infant school, the joy of writing, of moving and playing; a mother who sewed and moved furniture around to create new spaces out of old.


  9. Sam Randall 

    Brisbane, Australia 

    Mediums: acrylics, textural mediums 

    dragon and phoenixThemes: oriental, fish, flora, birds 

    Style: surrealism, impressionism, abstraction and pop art

    A Funny Story:

    22 years ago (at 18), I was hiking in the Northern Territory. In the middle of nowhere and I came across a ‘mature aged man’ sitting on the edge of an escarpment sketching the landscape in front of him. I felt compelled to engage with him to tell him he was ‘incredibly good at drawing and that it was so beautiful’ he chuckled looking up at me amused and said “You don’t know who I am then?” “Shit, you’re famous, I’m so sorry” I meekly apologised. He gave me the sweetest forgiving smile and said “You could say that”. Too embarrassed to ask him his name and after a brief chat, I bid him farewell and continued on with my hike never to see him again. A week later an envelope came to my work. When I opened it, it was the drawing he had been working on with a note “For you Sam, the sketch you admired so much. Thank you for the compliment” with no name only a scribbly signature, to this day still do not know who he was!!!!

  10. Gail McCoy 


    gail mccoy collageMediums: watercolor and collage 

    Themes: Nature, cranes and places 

    Style: contemporary nature art


    Currently, I have a collage in the Charles Allis Art Museum biennial "Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now." This exhibit is focusing on new art ideas and artists in WI. The museum is in Milwaukee.


What achievements and experiences would you like to share with us?

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