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Goa, India

Nature Revisited - A New View of Indian Wildlife


Born and educated in England, with a BA in Social Anthropology, I've been an explorer all my life. I lived in Italy for 8 years, teaching and writing travel articles & for the Rough Guide. Then I married an Indian shaman.


Gaymuk - the Birth of a River ©Bhagvati Nath

We ran an ashram in the Himalayas, went on pilgrimage and had a daughter. Here I became inspired to paint. For the past 18 years I have been immersed in India and her nature. This is my inspiration.


How long have you been an artist?

I have been an artist all my life. I create my art, so my life has been created. Everything can and should be an art - being a parent and partner, cooking, dressing, writing, collecting wood, gardening, making a home, dancing, teaching, sewing.. my personal list goes on but everything I have done I have done I have put my heart and soul into, and it has become a work of art.

I have also always been a painter - I was good at school, passed exams well and went to St Albans College of Art (Herts, UK) for one year but I began painting professionally in 2001


waterlily painting   

Please explain your style, themes, mediums and process

I've painted in many mediums and produced murals, shop signs, designs to be printed on clothes, directly on clothes.. to fulfill commissions and pay the rent.



Waterlily Square ©Bhagvati Nath


My personal paintings are in watercolour, in the past 3 years on canvas as I have prepared for exhibitions. I love the transparency and use many layers with each colour relevant. Then I add minute details, almost pointillism.

I use colour, light and shade, fractured ripples, the 'shapes in between' to explore the cosmic patterns found in all things.


What music do you listen to when you are painting?

My preference is no music, just the birds and wind in the trees, the rain in the monsoon (when I do most work). Otherwise I listen to international 'chill out'.


How do you get inspired when uninspired?

I'm always inspired. I am surrounded by inspiration.


rebirth frangipani tree   

What do you do in your free time besides creating art?

I'm a mother so first is time with my daughter.

Goa is very seasonal - in the season I'm with my friends, on the beach, parties, talking, dancing, eating.

In the monsoon I socialise much less. We have a weekly singing circle just for fun. I watch movies, read, cook.

I love dancing and all 'upliftng' music - both in ample supply in Goa.

I spend some months each year in the Himalayas.


Rebirth - Frangipani Tree in Hampi ©Bhagvati Nath


Please tell us about your current artwork?

Right now (a 2 month project) I am preparing the artwork for a short movie about an artist. (Swiss director)

I will also do a month teaching art part-time in a local school as a holiday project (mid July mid August)

My last painting was a tiger, and I was working on a herd of deer in long grass.


What is the best painting you ever created?

Usually my last painting is my best.

My favourite is 'Skyroots'. The little sprite is based on my daughter, and I love the colours and shapes in there. I won't sell this work.


pollen drinkers painting   

What role does the artist have in society?

To open people's eyes. To make people stop, think, and remember their souls. To remind and show them the beauty, or atrocities, or ridiculousness, or seriousness of our lives and environment.




The Pollen Drinkers ©Bhagvati Nath





Have you sold much of your art?

Impossible to say how many - with clothes, signs etc. I sell prints, cards & postcards, which sell well. I do several commissions a year, often with no photo record (due to lack of cameras and photocopiers)

Reputation - Goa is an international centre with a wide and varied 'market'. I was in local markets some years, (and items with my artwork on are always in the market) and in local art exhibitions. Last year I had 2 solo exhibitions, in Austria and Delhi, where I sold and was good publicity. I have held a raffle the last 2 years - prize, an original. This was excellent publicity, covered the price of one or 2 paintings and gave me at least 10 sales.


How do you promote art on the internet?

Facebook is good.
I'm on a few websites - Fine Art America seems the best though my personal website is on Artmajeur.

I enter competitions when I see free ones, but haven't been looking recently as I'm too busy.


wise owl painting

Wise Owl Ways ©Bhagvati Nath


My main influence over the past 18 years has been the Indian mountains, forests, trees, flowers, animals.

I studied art to 'A' level, 1 year art college so I learnt the history and all basics. (My art teacher compared me to Bosch & I loved Escher and Dali) I lived in Italy 8 years, editing all north Italian guides (1989-93) and visiting all museums and churches.. in that time. I love Renaissance art.

I've travelled & seen amazing places around the world.

During the 8 years in the Himalayas I was out of touch with everything but 'glitzy' Hindu God/dess art and in Goa psychedelic art is very influential.


Contemporary Artist Recommendation

Alex Grey - the greatest visionary artist? I love his style, his message .. a shaman.


Please tell us some interesting achievements in your life?

My life is an adventure. I have achieved a lot and laughed throughout (though some times were very sad and 'bad'too). If you wish to feature me, ask & I'll be specific.

My greatest achievement has been to bring my daughter up with no fixed income in a beautiful country I love following our dreams, and still remain sane!!


Where do you see your career as an artist 10 years from the present?

No idea... I hope we people understand the perfect balance our planet has been in, and to restore that balance. We are in Times that change so fast .. the only thing that's certain is change.


Advice for Artists

austrian openingFollow your dreams, not other people's.

Bhagvati Nath - Nature Revisited - A New View of Indian Wildlife

Goa, India

Facebook: Bhagvati-Nath-Art

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