I'm an emerging artist who has finally decided to follow my heart and took the plunge into the wonderful, creative world of freelance art after 4 years as an Animal Health Technologist. Aside from art I have a strong passion for rock music, staying healthy, wildlife, and the outdoors.

shayla tansey canada artistShayla Tansey 

Calgary AB, Canada

Young Wild and Free








Bound ©Shayla Tansey






When did you first become an artist?

Probably before I was born. My grandma still has a picture of a robin I drew in crayon when I was 3. She still likes to show it off to anyone she can, as a proud grandma will do.


Please explain your art... themes, style, mediums, and process.

This is a tricky question for me to answer and I'm sure it will change month to month. So many different mediums are awesome to work with! In particular I'm loving experimenting with acrylic paint, but chalk pastels will always be my favorite medium when I feel like blending. I like combining permanent markers and pastels some days, and doing charcoal or pencil sketches the next.

My style is inspired by things I see and that could be anything from wildlife to a rock concert (mind you, there is usually a particular breed of wildlife at most rock concerts...)!

My process of creating usually involves a big blanket outside on a patch of grass in the sunshine with some good tunes, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


wander shayla tansey

What kind of music do you listen to while creating?

Everything! Mostly rock, but some days a good R&B song or even some gangster rap is what I need to stay motivated.

Wander ©Shayla Tansey


I even know all the Disney songs, but let's keep that on the D-L, I have a reputation to uphold here.


How do you get inspired again when feeling uninspired?

On a nice day taking a walk outside is a great way to get inspired. Since I live next to some beautiful parks that often works well for me. On a cold Canadian winter day I'll put on some music and exercise. Usually the only times I'm not inspired is when something else in life has got me down, so clearing my head and working out the negative emotions usually does the trick.


fire within shayla tansey

What do you like to do in your free time besides creating art?

I love going out with friends to coffee shops or anywhere with live music. I like to take care of my body doing strength training, rollerblading or yoga.


Fire Within ©Shayla Tansey


Food is one of my favorite things, I can't think of a time I've ever turned down the opportunity to try a new restaurant! Movies and comedians on Youtube are great for chill nights at home! I also love to travel!


What are you working on most recently?

I have 3 jobs right now. I'm working on becoming established as an artist, getting pieces made, and figuring out where I fit in in this crazy art world. I also bartend and work at an office in a retirement home!


What is your best artwork ever created ?

The best artwork I ever created would be a piece I did for a family friend. Her and her husband approached me about doing a drawing of their son (who I know personally) snowboarding. She gave me a blurry photograph of him going off a small jump on his board. I immediately sat down and started drawing. It was my first piece that I had made for business and I put my heart into every minute of creating it. That was the moment I knew I had found my true passion in life, it gave me a taste of what was to come. For that I'd have to say it is and always will be my best piece created.


lovely lips shayla tansey

What place do artists have in society?

Artists show society that beauty can come in all forms. They open people's eyes to new concepts and ideas. Sometimes they start controversy, and sometimes they bring people together. Artists inject creativity into life.

Lovely Lips ©Shayla Tansey


Have you sold much of your art?

Not yet. I've only chosen to do this a few short months ago. Most of my sales so far have been from friends of people I already knew, or sometimes people I don't know so well approaching me about doing tattoo designs for them.


What are your preferred methods of online art promotion?

I have so much to learn! As I mentioned in the previous question I'm still quite new to this! So far I'm liking Facebook, and Etsy!


Please tell us about an interesting experience in your life.

I've backpacked through Australia for 8 months, and spent January in Nepal!


Where do you see your art career in 10 years?

shayla tansey

Hopefully traveling and exploring new places while I work on custom pieces for amazing clients!!!


Advice for artists

I try to stay positive and believe in myself. Create, create, create!!

Shayla Tansey - Young Wild and Free

Website: Shayla Tansey

Twitter: @VividEarthArt
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  1. Good work Shayla and good luck, keep at it and you will get there.

  2. Thank you, Steinunn! I'm so incredibly stoked to be featured on here, I read Graham's blog every day!!!


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