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Sydney, Australia

Painting the Faces of People


I have only starting creating art since 2006. I have always been interested in drawing and been fascinated by artists and the creative process, but as a child, was encouraged to pursue the sciences and maths. No one (including myself) noticed that I had an aptitude for drawing.



Girl in Pink ©Julia Sattout



Sure that I would embarrass myself, I finally took my first tentative steps towards teaching myself to draw aged 34. Not only did I find that I was not an embarrassment, but I found that I could do it quite well! So I enrolled in a Diploma of Fine Arts and have been creating ever since.


bedtime story julia sattout   


My favourite subjects are portraits and the figure.


Bedtime Story ©Julia Sattout




I use soft pastels most regularly but also paint with oils. I draw with graphite and charcoal.


Technique and process

It depends with which medium I am working and who the piece is for.
If it is for my own pleasure, I have a very loose, intuitive technique where I "feel" my way across the face & figure. I usually jump straight in with the pastel or paint.
If it is a commission, I focus more on likeness and do a careful sketch before adding colour.
I show my processes on my blogsite through WIPs.


frank portrait julia sattout   

Where do you find ideas?

All the faces around me! I have school-aged children, and I will often ask mothers at school if they would mind me painting their cute kids.

I also like very old faces which are almost like landscapes.



Frank ©Julia Sattout


Only a few months ago I joined Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr and it has been a constant source of inspiration since then. Hundreds of artists creating portraits in all styles and media!


grandma portrait julia sattout   

“Why do you create art?”

I create art because I find it satisfying on so many levels. I love that I can turn a blank sheet or canvas into something tangible and beautiful, or powerful or both. I love that people enjoy looking at what I create. I love that people appreciate my art work so much more than any other work I have done.

I also find it is a great way to express myself. If I don't have a project to work on, I get irritable!


Grandma! ©Julia Sattout


“How often do you create?”

Daily if possible!


“What is the best artwork you ever created?”

The "best" as in the most technically competent would be my most recent commission "The Happy Couple". I took my time with it because there were so many aspects to it which I found challenging. I am very happy with the way I rendered the hands and the mouths in particular.


ella portrait   

Art Promotion

Facebook and Flickr. I am addicted to them both!



The person who inspired me most at the outset is friend, mentor and artist Enid Ratnam-Keese.


Ella ©Julia Sattout


Mary Cassatt is a big influence for my pastel portraits of children.

I love the drawings of Australian Artist, William Dobell and these influence my ink and graphite drawings.

I admire expressive artists like Frank Auerback and Ben Quilty.... but I am also blown away by Rembrandt.... so it's a bit of a mixed bag, really.
felicity portrait julia sattout   

“Did you ever feel like giving up art?”

Give me a chance - I've only just started! :)



The Happy Couple ©Julia Sattout




“Where do you see yourself as an artist in 10 years?”

I hope to be practising full time in 10 years. I am currently working part time in a "real" job and creating the rest of the time.


Julia Sattout - Painting the Faces of People – Portrait Artist

Sydney, Australia

Website: Julia Sattout 

Twitter: @juliamjane
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