Luke Prest

Somewhere between Sheffield and North East Derbyshire, UK

Architectural Drawings but not as you Know Them


luke prest architectural drawingsI was born in Sheffield as a child of the 80's. I was raised and educated just over the border in North East Derbyshire. For the past 10 years I've worked in Architecture and recently started selling myself as an artist.




Leadmill Nightclub (from Totally Sheffield) ©Luke Prest


Art was always my favourite subject at school. I loved doodling things. I took A-Level art and failed it with flying colours and my art teacher was a bit of a snobby type who really put me off. So I kind of gave up art in the traditional sense and moved into technical drawing until recently.


Please tell us all about your art

Unsurprisingly, given my background, its all architectural. Places, buildings, street scenes and the likes.

It all starts out life as pen drawings. I then scan them into the computer and add a splash of colour in Photoshop. I suppose its a hybrid of traditional and modern drawing techniques.


What music do you like?

chatsworth luke prestI've got the most eclectic music taste. I listen to a lot of older music. Anything from Johnny Cash to The Jam via Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. The new Reverend & The Makers album is currently getting a lot of air time as well.

Chatsworth House (from Derbyshire Landmarks) ©Luke Prest

How do you get inspired again when feeling uninspired?

I tend to just forget about it for a few days. The kids keep me busy which stops me worrying about it for a while and then I'll just pick it up.


What do you do in your free time besides art?

Football, in the main. Injury stopped me playing a few years ago and until recently I did a lot of coaching. I have two children under 2 which takes up most of my non working hours.


What are you currently working on?

park hill luke prestI'm currently doodling up a few places to add to my 'Derbyshire Landmarks' collection and I've made a start on a new collection called 'Places off the Telly' - Coronation Street, Nelson Mandella House, that sort of thing.


Park Hill (from Totally Sheffield collection) ©Luke Prest

What was the best architectural drawing you ever created?

I wouldn’t say its my best, but the first thing I ever did was a picture of Bramall Lane, Sheffield United's home ground. When I put that out there and got good vibes back it was what really gave me the impetus to have a crack at art as a profession.


What is the artist’s role in the world?

I try to get into peoples minds and draw places that inspire or that people are fond of. If my pictures trigger memories or thoughts then I feel I have achieved what I set out to do. That’s why I keep them as simple as I possibly can - I want the emotions not to necessarily be stirred by the image but by the thoughts that it stirs.


Have you sold much of your art?

bramall lane luke prestBecause its all digitally created, I don’t have 'originals' to flog but I've sold a modest amount of prints. Maybe a hundred or so in the past few months. Mostly through my website, a few at fairs and markets and a few at a local art centre where I rent some exhibition space.

Bramall Lane (Totally Sheffield) ©Luke Prest

Promoting Art Online

I have no marketing budget at all so its pretty limited to Twitter and Facebook. Twitter seems to have bought me more exposure than anywhere.

I did a piece on local nightclub, The Leadmill. I tweeted it to them, and they liked it enough to print it onto 5000 canvass bags they're giving out to students.



I really like Pete Mckee - I suppose his cartoon like style and solid colours proved to me that you don’t have to be able to create photorealistic masterpieces to be a successful artist.


Can you recommend a contemporary artist?

rovers luke prestMy knowledge of the art world is pretty limited to Sheffield artists but I really like the work of Sid Flether ( who does pictures of tower blocks and high rise flats.


Rovers Return (from my new Places Off The Telly collection ©Luke Prest

Recent Achievement

My work on Chatsworth House was recently purchased by The Duke of Devonshire, who owns the place. His art collection is widely credited as being one of the best around.

Here's a bloke surrounded by Rembrandts and Van Gogh's and he's buying my work - it was pretty humbling.

I was told he really liked and it and has put it up in one of his holiday cottages.


In 10 years, where would you like to see yourself as in artist?

At the moment, I'm doing it all as a part time venture whilst maintaining the day job in Architecture. I love my job but I hope, one day, to be able to sustain a comfortable living as an artist. If that’s where I am in 10 years then I'll have been happy with how it all went.


Advice for Upcoming Artists

Draw/Paint/Stick something together and make it public. There is no shortage of mediums to promote yourself, be relentless, and if people like it then it'll grow.


luke prest

Luke Prest - Architectural Drawings but not as you Know Them

Somewhere between Sheffield and North East Derbyshire, UK


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