I struggle with finding time for the things I want to do every single day. There are so many tasks I want to accomplish in life. For myself, I have to weed out the least important things, and focus on the tasks that really matter.

procrastinate productivity in lifeMany have asked me how I find time to run this blog and create art (not to mention all the other things I have to do throughout the day). The answer is I don’t find it difficult at all.

I try to make full use of the time I have on this earth.

In doing that, I only do the things that really matter to me – and things that NEED to be done. I have overcame all the unnecessary things which once caused me to procrastinate and be very unproductive.

Some of my biggest accomplishments have been the result of using my time efficiently, and learning to be productive in everything I do in life. But, I have not always been that way.

If there’s anyone who knows about procrastination and wasting time, its me. I was once one of the biggest time wasters. I would spend countless hours doing things I enjoyed – but they were mostly pointless! In the interest of illustrating my point about wasting time, I will share some of my past frivolous activities. ( I am a little embarrassed to be telling you this!)


  1. Playing video games.

    I was once a video game addict! I liked the type of games where you could build a character or city to monstrous proportions. I went through stages where I was addicted to Cityville, Civilization 2 and certain RPG games. But, I now know what I liked most about those games. It was the building and creating aspect – working on one thing for a long period and watching it grow. Since I overcome my videogame addiction, I learned to channel that into the building of Artpromotivate and my art career. My art career isn’t where I want it to be yet (art is my life journey), but I know it will be by consistently promoting and building on what I’ve accomplished already.

    jodie matthews
  2. Chatting online and checking Facebook.

    Yes, believe it or not, I was one of those who spent a lot of time on Facebook and online chatting.

    But, that was long before I met my wife (who I met online! – My beautiful wife Jodie is at the right – She told me she wants her picture on here! – She is my greatest accomplishment in life!)

    The only online chatting I do now is what will be productive for my art and Artpromotivate.

  3. Drawing and painting at random times.

    I would spend long periods where I would not draw or paint at all. I always found time for my sketchbook, but my career suffered because I did not have focus and consistency. I often blamed it on my job, but I now know the problem was deeper than that. There were a lot of contributing factors that caused me to be unfocussed and not paint regularly, but I am finally at a place where I create art consistently.

    I actually have more time for my art now than I ever did by giving up on all these unproductive things. I am still not “Mr. Perfect”, but through self-improvement, I have managed to better myself and focus on my art – and Artpromotivate.


Paint in Your PJ’s - The Book that Inspired this Post

I recently read Cindy Wider’s book Paint in Your PJ’s – Every Woman’s Guide to Finding your Life Purpose Through Art. Now, I’m not a woman ;) - but I really related to Cindy’s story in this book.

paint pj bookCindy shares her own personal journey of self-discovery and finding her life purpose through art. The book also tells the struggles of 5 other women, and how art has helped them overcome and celebrate life. Included are practical tips on managing time and overcoming procrastination. The book even includes illustrated drawing and painting exercises.

Cindy Wider calls the little blocks of time that we waste each day “pyjama time” and tells us how to reclaim that time and discover one’s life purpose through art. We all are guilty of procrastinating and wasting time doing trivial tasks, while wishing we had the time to do what we want.


This is a little excerpt from the introduction:

“‘Paint in your Pyjamas’ is all about giving your self permission to be who you really are and not who you think you should be. It shows you how to have fun, play, and see the world through the eyes of a child once again. It’s also about learning to slow your thought processes down, relax, and live in the moment, reminding yourself that you do have time, not only to stop and smell the roses, but the whole garden full of flowers too!”

To learn more about Cindy’s book and take a sneak peek, please visit her site here:

Paint in your PJ’s

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