fiverr freelancing advertisingRecently, I posted about Fiverr and how artists can use it to make money through freelancing. This is a very popular site where people can create and buy gigs and freelance for just $5. I haven’t used Fiverr for this purpose (yet), but I have seen some artists who are posting gigs for mini art commissions, such as portraits.

I don’t think it is difficult for artists to come up with some better ideas on how to make use of a site like Fiverr. Just browse through all the categories. The possibilities are limitless!


But, even a more useful aspect of Fiverr is how artists can use it to promote art and expose themselves to a much wider audience – and avail of all types of services for a very cheap price. Here are some ways artists can use Fiverr to advertise their art, save time, and outsource certain tasks regarding promotion of art.


  1. Promote your art with CHEAP advertising

    john ferrie quoteFiverr is filled with people offering very cheap advertising for any website. To search for these, enter website advertising in the search box.

    Near Sort gigs by at the top, click Rating. This displays only the highest rated and most active gigs first. Here are some that show up.

    Create your own Website!”I will deliver 2500 Retweets and Favorites from 2500 unique profiles having 400,000 followers within 12... for $5”

    ”I will send 1000 TARGETED real human visitors to any website, with statistics to show for $5”

    ”I will post your artwork, paintings, drawings, illustrations on my art blog for LIFETIME for $5”

    ”I will put your banner advert on my art and crafts blog for $5”

    ”I will feature your Etsy shop in a blog post only if you have vintage related or vintage inspired creations in your shop for $5”

    These are just a few I have found. If you are interested in any of these gigs, just copy them into the search box at Fiverr or Google search.

    There are many who are willing to advertise artists for a small fee. I do this for free, but I do not have near the number of followers as some of these sites.

    Some of these gigs are an incredible deal for online advertising and marketing of any site or service.

  2. Create a simple gig yourself for the purpose of gathering contacts and visitors to your site

    Simply offer a service such as featuring an artist on your art blog or including a website in your links page (if you have a highly ranked website). When people collect your gig, they will want to visit your site to make sure the link is there.

    You can also gather contacts with any art related gig by directing people to your site with more of your art. This is a great way to expose your art to a new audience.

    Another tip is to create a task that you can do fast for $5. Use the Gig Extras feature to charge more for larger or more detailed versions of the artwork.

  3. Outsource projects for your art website, Etsy shop, blog, etc.

    leontyne price quoteThere are many here who offer their services to create banners, logos, favicons, Facebook covers, promo videos, and more. I have even seen some who say they will design a website or blog for just $5! Here are some of the many incredible freelancing offers.

    ”I will make a Wordpress blog with any topic for $5”

    “I will design a PROFESSIONAL background or cover for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ that matches your website for $5”

    ”I will write a professional 400 words Press Release for you for $5”

    ”I will build you a self updated mini site in One Hour for $5”

    ”I will make header for your site in 24 or 48 hours and you will get the PSD file for $5”

    ”I will give you a sure fire method to Get Local Media Coverage for your business or cause using a Publicity idea you love GUARANTEED for $5”

Go to Fiverr. Have fun exploring all the amazing things people will do for just five bucks. Remember though, Fiverr takes a percentage of the five dollars (about $1) for themselves – so its really just $4 you are making. So, if you are one who plans to avail of this service for making money along with promoting art, do some research. Search on Google for Fiverr tips and tricks.

Please state your opinions of Fiverr.

See any useful gigs there? Please let us know about it! 

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