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I am not a photographer or a conventional painter but an image storyteller.



Abyss Multiplied ©Max Tzinman


I am not trying to freeze the moment with a beautiful image, but to transform it to reveal the distorted and deep emotions that are buried beneath the surface.


Please tell us about your art - style, themes and process.

Mostly digital art, printed on paper, and of late on canvas as well. Also, video art, created mostly in 3D software and post-processed in Adobe Suite, and also assembled pieces (mirrors, electrical motors, etc.)


choir digital abstract   

What type of music do you listen to while creating your digital art?

Very eclectic, from Handel to Colleen Schott

Choir ©Max Tzinman


Do you ever feel uninspired?

Inspiration is coming through work. If I work all the time, I do not feel uninspired.


“What do you do in your spare time besides creating art?”

No spare time. Except for vacations in Europe, US, etc...


“What are you working on now or most recently?”

Three different lines of work:

  1. The Mob Project, that might be a lifetime project, about the human search for significance in an inhumane world. Some of it is still images, some are videos.

  2. 3D Art, on the origin of life and love, through time. Also includes still images, and videos.

  3. Distorted Realities, of late the majority of this line is made on iPad.

max tzinman digital paintings   

“What is the best artwork you ever created?”

The ones that will be created in the future.


Abyss ©Max Tzinman


What role does an artist have in society?

Documents. Mirrors. Recreates. Rebuilds.

I also do not believe in art's role in SHAPING the society: it risks becoming propaganda!

In that aspect, Rembrandt is my role model.


Have you sold many artworks?

Some. Most of it through two galleries in Philadelphia.


mob max tzinman   

What are your favorite methods of promoting art online?

Web site, blogs: (blog) (blog for iPad works)

Mob ©Max Tzinman

Who are your influences?

Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Orwell, Zamyatin (wrote the book 'WE', a precursor of "1984"), Freud, and others.


waiting berlin digital artist   

Can you tell us about a great contemporary artist and let us know a little about their art?

Bill Viola, a video artist I greatly admire. Another one would be Pipilotti Rist, Swiss video artist

Waiting (Berlin-Wannsee) ©Max Tzinman


Please tell us an interesting place you visited.

A place I visited with my life partner several years ago: Post Ranch Inn, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean...


Where do you see your artwork 10 years in the future?

My art in the past, and my life in general - had some unexpected turns, so I prefer not to deal with this.


Advice for aspiring and emerging artists

max tzinmanWork. Don't complain.


Max Tzinman - Digital Storyteller



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