I have been drawing, painting and photographing things my entire life. Always a skilled illustrator, in college I studied with Herb Jackson who introduced me to action painting and abstract imagery.


frank myers analog digital artThat exposure was instrumental in changing my thinking about imagery from the purely literal to a more conceptual approach. It has informed my artistic vision ever since. As life moved forward I switched my artistic endeavors almost entirely to photography until several years ago when I discovered Corel Painter and began to experiment with digital painting.

From an early age I was drawing, doodling and sketching which has continued throughout my life. I have almost always described myself as an artist or musician.



Eric Deutsch Band ©Frank Myers


“Please tell us all about your art... style, mediums, themes, and process.”   

I have been making images that I call Hybrid Photography. I take digital photographs and applying analog painting and drawing techniques to them. This approach was inspired by a process I used to produce on Polaroid's called polaroid emulsion manipulation So I spent a couple of years creating a process I call - Digital Polaroid Manipulation. The original technique entails using a stylus or toothpick to move the emulsion around on a polaroid image as it is developing to create an impressionistic version of the photograph.

The digital version of this technique involves using a digital photograph and Corel Painter. I start by pulling in painting that I think will make an interesting final subject then put a semi-opaque layer over the photo so that I can only see the basic shapes then pull the colors and shapes through the layer to create an impressionistic final image. Here is a gallery of examples.


I have recently been developing a portfolio of vector art and pushing the envelope on that style of image as well. This has evolved through my association with The Art of Cool Project...



peter lamb and the wolves“What kind of music do you listen to while creating?”   

My music tastes are extremely eclectic - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday, Los Lonely Boys, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Alison Kraus and Union Station, The Civil Wars, Peter Gabriel and Jason Mraz and John Mayer...






Peter Lamb and the Wolves at Labourlove ©Frank Myers




“How do you get inspired when uninspired?”   

Through the creation of personal projects like the Art of Cool Project and my annual involvement in the Rebirth Photography retreat.


“What do you do in your spare time besides art?”   

Music and family time!


brian horton squiggles“What are you working on now or most recently?”   

Ongoing Art of Cool Project evolving my vector art offerings and growing my relationship with the national Jazz community.







Brian Horton silhouette ©Frank Myers





“What is the best artwork you ever created, and why?”   

A contour line drawing when I was twelve and the recent vector art images of jazz musicians that were part of the Art of Cool Project Visual Collection that ran for a month at the Durham Arts Council.

They were watersheds that took me into a new and different visual direction.


What role does the artist play in society?”   

Artists are a burr in the saddle of society that challenges the status quo and expands people idea of reality.


spyda and drums“Have you sold many artworks? How?”   

Yes. I sell several pieces a month primarily through my gallery and from my website.


Spyda drummer vector art image ©Frank Myers



“What are your favorite ways of promoting art online?”    

I use my blog and Facebook to promote my work.


“Can you tell us about your main art influences?”   

Escher, Dali, French Impressionists, Ansel Adams, Herb Jackson and the action painters.


“Can you recommend a great contemporary artist and tell us a little about their art?”   

Luis Franco is a visual activist whose work is visually stimulating and socially conscious. he and I have done several collaborations in he past year.



yahzarah at flanders lowres“Please tell us something interesting in your life.”

I have lived on three continents, NA, Central America and Europe. I have visited all but three of the states in the USA...


Yahzarah at Flanders Gallery ©Frank Myers


“Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?”   

I plan to still be creating and growing, but I don't know where it will take me.


“Do you have any parting advice you can give to aspiring and emerging artists?”   

Make stuff you are proud of and work to find an audience for your work and don't try to produce something you think everyone will like. 


Frank Myers - My Journey from Analog to Digital Art

USA Southeast

Website: http://www.sweetlifestudios.com/fineart 

Twitter: @sweetlifephoto
Facebook: Frank Myers 
Google+: Frank Myers

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