My name is Piroska Pipo, originally from Hungary, and a Calgary resident for over 20 years.

piroska pipo artist interviewI am a self taught, self representing artist. The love of art goes back for me as far as I can remember. I feel very lucky that I am able to do this full time.


Secret City ©Piroska Pipo



“When did you first realize you were an artist?”

I never introduce myself stating that I am an artist, I just explain that I paint and draw. The people around me decide if I am an artist or not!


piroska pipo dancer painting“Please tell us all about your art... style, mediums, themes, and process.”

My style is anything and everything. I work on commission, realistic portraits for five minutes than break out the pallet knife and create abstract with thick strokes and texturing gels. I let the painting decide what I need to do; there is interest in variety!



Lost in Dance ©Piroska Pipo






“What kind of music do you listen to while creating?”

I listen to a wide array of music – homemade CD’s with everything from Michael Jackson to Nina Simone to Rachmaninov’s piano concertos! The diversity helps me consider my painting from a variety of styles and ensure I’m not stuck on a single subject.


“How do you get inspired when uninspired?”

I never truly feel uninspired, I feel like painting all day everyday! People can ask me at anytime, as soon as I have a free moment it’s back to the brushes.


“What do you do in your spare time besides art?”

I read books, adventure on long walks. When I need to relax I sit down with a glass of wine and some good friends.


piroska pipo paintings“What are you working on now or most recently?”

As of now I am working on a couple of detailed commission portraits, but to balance out all the realism I am starting on a vivid abstract piece to help keep me sane.



Upside-down Inside-out ©Piroska Pipo





“What role does the artist play in society?”

Artist’s are the creative machines of society; they help people take a moment to appreciate what’s around them amidst their busy lives.


“Have you sold many artworks? How?”

I have sold quite a number of paintings in local art shows and on displays in cafes. Also just through word of mouth and commission paintings.


“What are your favorite ways of promoting art online?”

I don’t really promote my artwork online; I just update my Facebook page now and then.


piroska pipo hungarian artist“Can you tell us about your main art influences?”

My main influences are mostly people I meet; in art shows, workshops, seeing local art. People in general are my main influence although I do enjoy paging through the works of classic painters.


Farm Fields ©Piroska Pipo


“Please tell us something interesting in your life.” 

In the summer of 2011 my husband and I took our children on a European driving tour, visiting all our family and numerous breathtaking sights including the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, the waterways of Venice, and of course Porsche Museum!


“Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?”

I hope I will just keep doing what I am doing, growing and continuing to paint and meet new and lively people to brighten my life.


piroska pipo“Do you have any parting advice you can give to aspiring and emerging artists?”

If you aren’t satisfied with your work it means you aren’t finished; continue to work on a piece until you love it, regardless if it means changing the entire work to something totally new!



Piroska Pipo - My Thoughts on Canvas 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Facebook Page: Piroska Pipo Art

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