My name is Mary-Jane I am and artist and textile designer. I am passionate about art and sewing and so have merge the two art forms to create Stitch and Paint Whistler which is a home decorating site that provides custom fabrics, art, wall paper, decals and a soft furnishing service manufacturing bedding, pillows and draperies all with my art.


stitch and paint whistler artI have always loved to paint starting at a very young age. I still remember my first painting of magnolias. It's funny that what I loved to paint then is now a major part as a botanical artist of what I love to do now. I always loved to draw animals too and now wild life is also one of the main subjects of my work.



Oleander Flower - painting reproduced on a window blind made from linen and cotton fabric © Mary-Jane G. Moffett



Art Process

I love to draw this is an integral part of my work as I am sure it is of any artist. It is getting the drawing right that is the most important part. When my drawing is complete I then incorporate color already knowing light and dark and all the different tones in the pencil drawing. Using acrylic for some paintings and watercolor for others I slowly build on my paintings until the tiniest detail is accomplished. All the more so in botanical paintings the level of detail is long and arduous at times.

My work is then scanned and readied for print on fabric. After proofing the colors my fabric is printed by professional printers and when it comes back to me another design process takes place. The creation of a blind should I border it, center the design on it, what will go with it pillows, what style of bedding reversible or pieced, the creative process goes on till I have a complete concept that is pleasing to the eye. The final product is not only functional but also a very custom unique piece of art.


Art and Music

I never listen to music I guess I prefer the silence or the twittering of the birds or the crackling of the fire place. Peace and tranquility lets me lose myself in what I am doing.


Art Inspiration

bear siesta stitchandpaintwhistlerI go through magazines, look at inspiring work on the internet, go through my photographs and sometimes I just go outside for a walk.



Lazy Mid day Bears Siesta - a large bear lounging on a tree trunk © Mary-Jane G. Moffett


Spare Time Activities

As a mom of three there is not much spare time. I spend a lot of time with my family, talking or playing with my kids. I do some volunteer work helping people to come to a better understanding of the purpose of life and what the future will bring. Photography is another passion and I am working on being a better cook.


Recent Artworks

Now I am working on a local Whistler wild flower collection which has been developing over the last year and a half. A series of bears on skis for the winter is also in the works. Also designs for my new doggy decor site is in motion, the fabric produced is made into luxury dog beds for the stylish Dog owner. This site is

I am always working on new sketches of animals and flowers keeping a rhythm of new work all the time.


Best Artwork Ever

I think I love my Tecomaria Capensis Watercolor botanical painting the most. First I spent hours on it but I love the composition and color and it reminds me of the large flowering bush outside my home when I lived in Australia and how all the Rainbow Lorikeets a beautiful bird would come to suck the sweet nectar from the flower. Also it reminds be of the flowering bush meandering across the front of a cottage on the sea front, a tranquil place I spent many hours at.


Role of Artists

Creative people help make the world a better place we discover some things that get missed and then pass them on for others to enjoy.


Selling my Art

I am working hard at selling my art finding more and more ways to do so through my online stores, exhibits, home parties, wine and cheese gatherings and just through word of mouth. Sometimes the pieces I least expect get sold first. I have even sold work by just going into a flower shop.


Promoting Art Online

Linked In is a very good source you can connect with so many people who are serious about what they do. Twitter is good it seems to get your work out there quickly and easily and you can attach to Twitter almost from any site. I am enjoying blogging too although this is new for me it's a fun way to reach out.


Artist Influences

tecomaria mary-jane moffetWhen I was younger I was in awe of Monet and recently a Botanical artist in Australia I had the chance to study under, he was very inspirational. I also love Tricia Guild she has a vision of color and beauty I admire and look at for inspiration.



Tecomaria Capensis orange flowering Vine © Mary-Jane G. Moffett


Modern Day Artists

Robert Bateman a wild life artist has always been a favorite of mine. He captures reality with a paint brush almost as if it is the real thing. His attention to detail is amazing to me and he has become very famous for a very good reason. His work is spectacular.


Artist Achievements

Just recently I was exhibiting for Art Walk held in Whistler by the Whistler arts council. My work was being exhibited at a store called Bear Necessities, a store where everything sold had a bear on it. Of course I was exhibiting some acrylic paintings of bears, a local attraction here in Whistler BC. I offered art prizes for people who left their phone numbers and emails who came in to view my work and to my surprise one of the prizes was to go to a lady from Shaw TV who promptly asked if I wanted to have an interview on TV. She loved my bears and of course I said yes.

So they did a very nice piece on some of the work I do and it aired on October 5th on Shaw TV for a show called Go Vancouver. It will be airing again in November for Dream Homes a new show. The exact date will be posted on my website when I am told the schedule of the show. So a very exciting result from exhibiting my work. Of course had I not offered prizes it might never have happened. If I had not followed through with phoning people who had left this is a preview of the clip for you to view.



Future of my Art

I hope to always improve and look forward to always designing and painting until I can no longer lift a paint brush. It is a part of my life with out it there would be a large void and a great loss of joy and happiness.


Artist Tips

mary-jane g moffetWhen you think you are getting nowhere don't give up keep going try new things and always be determined.


Mary-Jane G. Moffett - Fabric and Home Decor Fusion - Stitch and Paint Whistler Art


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