I am an artist who loves to play. I generally work with acrylics, but I also love photography and digital art. I paint with my fingers, rarely using brushes.


painting with fingersI have been in the arts since I was a little girl, but I don’t know that I am at a point where I can say “I’m an artist.”



By Candlelight Acrylic on Mixed Media Paper 11 x 14 inches © Nana Ellis



I generally use acrylics and finger-paint. I love the hands on, paint to canvas (or whatever it is I’m painting on) feel. I also love all the different textures I’m able to come up with through finger-painting. While acrylics are my home base, I regularly experiment with different mediums and techniques. When my experiments and explorations capture the energy of the moment, then and only then does it becomes my art.



Anything and Everything, but mainly down tempo, trip-hop, rap, and R&B.


flower painting redInspiration

I usually try not to force anything.


Activities besides art

Read art history books, Submit to art contests and exhibitions, Read about painting.




The Flower Acrylic on Board 18 x 24 inches © Nana Ellis



Recent artwork

Right now I am preparing for my first showcase. I also recently completed two paintings. The first is titled, The Blue Moon and The Big Dipper, and the second, By Candlelight.


Best artwork

My opinion of my best changes every time I complete a new work, but one consistent favorite is “Daddy’s Son,” simply because I had the courage to not make it beautiful.


daddys son paintingSelling art

No I haven’t sold many artworks, but I just recently started selling, so I haven’t given up hope yet.






Daddy’s Son Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20 inches          © Nana Ellis


Art Promotion

I really don’t have a favorite way, I am horrible at promotion. I do enjoy my newsletter that I send out once a month, maybe because it’s a bit more personal, and I know for sure that the people reading it are interested in my work, and I’m not bombarding them (lol).



I love a lot of different art and probably have been influenced by a lot of different ones, but Picasso was the very first artist whose work I loved.


city painting on canvasRecommend contemporary artist

There are so many, but a consistent favorite of mine is Loui Jove www.redbubble.com/people/louijover. He does cartoons and drawings (and much more). His work is thoughtful, stirring, and beautiful.


The City Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20 inches © Nana Ellis



Life event

As a little girl I got to meet Bishop Desmond Tutu, at the time I was too young to realize the amazingness of that.


10 years in the future

I see myself in my beautiful studio, surrounded by blank canvas and completed works.


blue moon mixed mediaArtists advice

As an aspiring artist myself, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. But I can say what I’ve learned so far, and that is work the way you want to work, and create what you want to create.

The Blue Moon and The Big Dipper Acrylic and Oil Pastels on Mixed Media paper 11 x 14 © Nana Ellis


Nana Ellis - Finger Paintings - USA, Ohio

Website: Nana Ellis 

Google+: Nana Ellis

Tumblr: Nana Ellis


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