I was born in England, and lived there for the first 19 years of my life. I lived in a small town on the southeast coast. I now live in the northern mid-west of the USA. Lots of lakes, including Lake Michigan, but it is not the same as living by the sea.

door county sunset stephanie holznechtI have been an artist ever since I could pick up a crayon or a pencil, and start drawing. I could copy any photograph or drawing almost exactly as it was depicted by the age of 10.

I would say both my English upbringing and my American life have each had their own influence on my artwork.





I started out my life in art as a graphic designer and realist artist, mainly drawing in pencil and then pen and ink. My subject matter was animals and portraits. I now work almost exclusively on acrylic paintings and mixed media collages. I haven't forsaken pen and ink, it just isn't my focus right now. My subject matter can be anything that inspires me at the moment.


Do you listen to music while creating art?

I don't. I like absolute quiet while I work.


How do you find inspiration for creating art?

arf mixed media dogI watch what's going on around me. I visit other artist's websites and pages online to see what's happening in the current art world. I pick up objects and wonder what I could do with them. Sometimes it's a piece of torn paper and others it's some found object. I look through the vast array of photographs I have.


How do you keep busy when not creating art?

I like to read and go for walks through the local park not far from my house. Otherwise it's the daily running of the house and my art that keep me busy!




What artworks and series are you currently working on?

I have just started the second in a series of sunsets. The photographs were taken at our cottage in the northern part of our state of Wisconsin, overlooking Green Bay lake (part of lake Michigan).

I am also working on two mixed media artworks. I like to have 2 or 3 pieces going at the same time, for variety, and alternatives if I get stuck on one.


Can you categorize your art style?

life and death artThat's a hard question to answer! I've changed styles so many times, therefore I can't give you a definitive answer.


What place do artists have in the world?

Without art the world would be very sterile and dull. Art brings wonder, excitement, desire, inspiration, enjoyment and so much more into everyday life.


Do you sell your artworks?

Unfortunately no. I have sold to friends and family only. I haven't really gone out and tried to promote myself yet. I have a basic website and a Facebook page. Now I am ready to take the next step and try to promote myself seriously.


How do you promote artworks on the internet?

strength in white horseI can't really answer that question. I would have to say my Facebook page has generated more interest than my website.


How have you been influenced by other artists?

When I was drawing in a realistic style I would have to say Michelangelo was one of my favorites, plus any animal I could find.

As I have developed into a more abstract style I don't see any one thing or person in particular that has been of great influence. Events and people from everyday life in general can inspire me.


Do you have a favorite contemporary artist to recommend to us?

Roberta Eckman stands out for her exquisite animal drawings. Her style of realism is outstanding. Although she had no formal art training, she has perfected her craft to the highest level. Her variety of animal species and the images she captures are absolutely wonderful.


Do you have any interesting experiences to share?

the seven sisters landscapeI have been lucky enough to visit many European countries and many different cities in the US. I love to experience different cultures. It is very inspiring.


What is your outlook for your art career in 10 years?

Hopefully making a living selling my artwork.


Do you have any advice to share with us before ending your interview?

stephanie holznechtDon't stop creating! It doesn't matter that not every piece of artwork will be met with enthusiasm. Failures are just as important as successes. You learn from both.


Stephanie Holznecht – Mixed Media Collages and Acrylic Paintings

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Facebook: SCH Design

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  1. Art is basically an expression from within. If you wish to express yourself, do so as you have free will.I recommend that your art has goodwill towards yourself and others. Karma is something even artists have to rise above. Once we do rise above other people's lack of consideration,we can move mountains!


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