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The second of these interviews comes from California, USA artist Yana Buzby. Yana explains her life as an artist and experience with learning how to draw online with, the Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course.

yana buzby drawing applesA very big THANK-YOU to all of these amazing, inspiring artists who devoted time out of their busy schedules for their interviews!




Apples ©Yana Buzby



Yana Buzby - California, USA

I live in Southern California with my two beautiful sons, Phillip 15 and Kenny 8. I work as a Software Engineer. Since my childhood I always liked to draw, but had to put my passion aside after getting married and having kids. Recently, while going through life changes I felt the urge to draw again and then when I found and joined DrawPJ.


Why do you draw and paint?

holiday inn motel drawingI create art because it fulfills my life on a different kind of level. I like the filling of the process of the creation and experiencing the final outcome.


What goes through your mind while creating art?

It may be strange, but when I create art there is nothing goes through my head. It is actually very relaxing and calming. I like to feel disconnected from the world for a little while. It recharges me and I become better mother and a woman in whole.


Holiday Inn ©Yana Buzby




What do you do to find time for art creation?

You can only imagine how busy I am being full time working single mom, but I do find time to include art in my life. As I said before art helps me to become better, more tuned and involved. I try to wake up a little earlier on weekends and draw and paint while kids are still asleep. I also try to spend some time drawing and painting when kid go to bed. If I feel the urge to create art while kids are awake they usually join me (at least my little one) and it is a great bonding experience.


What has being a course participant of DrawPJ done for you in learning to draw?

isha pencil portrait drawingDrawPJ is a complete program. I always liked to draw but was missing structural foundation. I found it in DrawPJ course. Not only I found the basics. These basic foundation  knowledge was wrapped in a complete comprehensive course. The course has taught me techniques without which I wouldn't be able to improve as quickly and tremendously as I did.




Isha ©Yana Buzby





Do you have any specific goals to share for your life as an artist?

I do have few goals in mind. I would like to enter prestigious San Diego Art competition and win it :) Later I am dreaming of opening my own gallery which will be offering art classes.


Do you have any advice for artists who are learning techniques of drawing and painting?

cups paintingThe most valuable and important advice for those who learn on DrawPJ I have is to always, always follow your dreams and have time for art even if it is only couple minutes a day.



Final Project Unit 2 – Cups ©Yana Buzby





What art competitions have you entered since beginning your course studies with

Since joining Draw PJ, I have only entered one competition (DrawPJ Art Competition 2012) and even though I didn't win this time I know my time will come :)


Fill in those Skill Gaps with DrawPJ

frangipani flower drawingIf you are an aspiring artist who would like to learn how to draw and paint, why not take a look at, a friendly community of artists and instructors who are dedicated to encouraging artists and teaching art.


Frangipani ©Yana Buzby accepts artists at any skill level. Creating art is a lifelong process and many of us have skill gaps in our artistic experience. This course focuses on filling in those skill gaps, allowing artists at any level to become even better at translating their ideas exactly as they perceived them. Please visit DrawPJ here.

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