When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City on October 29th, it left a trail of destruction, floods, and power outages.

yankee stadium replicaMany people lost everything they had in the hurricane. 86 year old Brother Beans (Bill Becker) was one of the survivors of Hurricane Sandy who lost so much – except for one thing that was most precious to him – his Yankee stadium replica constructed entirely of matchsticks and glue.

I first heard of Brother Beans and his ordeal from my online artist friend Joszie Joanne Fazio who posted about him on Facebook. Joszie has been a strong support for people affected by this catastrophic event.




Thank-you Joszie for letting us all know about this talented artist and his wish of having his Yankee Stadium replica displayed in the real Yankee Stadium in New York City. Also, thank-you to Brother Bean’s niece Mary Ellen Becker Dillon for her help with information for this article.


Yankee Stadium Replica – Matchsticks and Elmer’s Glue

yankee stadium matchsticksThe Yankee Stadium replica was constructed entirely of matchsticks and Elmers glue – and took over 4 years to create!

As you can see from the photos, great care has been taken to meticulously piece everything together.

It is hard not to stand in awe of the painstaking, tedious detail of the construction, and also to appreciate the dedication it took to create it.



Get Yankee Stadium to Yankee Stadium

Brother Bean’s family is on a campaign to have the Yankee Stadium replica on display at the real Yankee stadium. They have created a Facebook page in honor of their cause, and also to give Brother Beans some much needed uplifting following his loss of nearly everything during Hurricane Sandy.


How YOU can Help Brother Beans

yankee stadium hurricane sandyThe Facebook page was created with the hope that someone who can help Brother Beans get his replica to Yankee Stadium will see it. To help, you can like the FB page, share it,  and leave a word of encouragement for Brother Beans.

Here is the link for Brother Bean’s Facebook page: Brother Beans

Also, if you are in a position to make the event come about, then contact the administrator of the page.



The family of Brother Beans have already contacted newspapers, talk shows, TV stations, etc. and are striving for 10,000 likes at his fan page. This kind of recognition will undoubtedly make someone in authority take notice of Brother Beans accomplishment. Lets all do whatever we can to help out this amazing artist!

Best of luck to Brother Beans. I hope your wish of getting Yankee Stadium to Yankee Stadium comes about real soon.

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