My name is Eskort, and I love art. It's all I do and all I think about. I'm a student, designer, abstract artist, and graffiti fanatic. I'm starting my own T-shirt line and starting to do shows and exhibitions.

escort graffiti artistArt was always something I did without thinking. I first realized I was an artist when I picked up a crayon before I could talk. I first realized I was a professional artist when I began selling work.




PinkEye © Eskort



I began doing art through cartoons as a kid and then in the form of graffiti as a teenager. I wanted to be like other artists and more diverse in my skill set so I began working with acrylic paint markers then slowly progressing to brush work. Now I mostly use aerosol paint, acrylic paint (markers, brushes and ruling pens), and ink. My style is a hybrid of graffiti and design mostly. I love working with the abstract. Murals are my favorite thing to do but I enjoy designing t-shirts as well.


Music and Art

I listen to anything really from music with Jazz influences, to Rock and Underground Rap.

Chances are I'm listening to music such as the groups: Lack of Afro, Hird, Amy Whinehouse, Gnarles Barkley, Jill Scott, Deftones, or the Roots. Calming/Chill out music is the best.


anicca eskort art

How do you Get Inspired?

I get inspired by looking at other artists and observing what they do and how they do it. Some websites like Flickr or Stumbleupon are helpful as well.



Infinity and Beyond           © Eskort


What do you do besides art creation?

I listen to music, hang out with friends, and play sports. Art always finds it's way into my head though.


What are you currently working on?

I'm starting my own T-shirt series and preparing for my first solo exhibition. I've made videos to promote the show and I'm starting to work with a group of designers on a t-shirt collective group.


Do you have a best or favorite artwork?

last nerves abstract artI do different forms of art so that’s hard to say. I've painted murals at my formal high school by myself that are still there that I'm very proud of. I've done graffiti pieces in areas that no one ever goes to that brings me to a place that I used to be in a sense.


Last Nerves © Eskort



I've made a piece that my Grandmother says she sees God in and that has brought smiles to peoples' faces. These are the things that outline artwork as the "best", so that’s a hard thing to say


What role does the artist have in our society?

An artist's role in society is to make the world a more beautiful place to live in. To inspire people.


Do you sell your art?

I've sold many personalized pieces and a good amount of pieces I've put out on my own through friends and people who have seen my work


Online art marketing

Making promotional videos and I plan on making stickers to put anywhere with a link to my page on them.



I'm influenced by handful artists such a Mr. Mustart, Clarence Rich, Rime. They are influences heavily by graffiti but incorporate it with other types of art.


octo painting

Can you recommend a favorite artist?

I would recommend the artist Megan Klim. She works with the abstract using things like wax and thread. I find her work aesthetically pleasing.


Octo © Eskort


Ten years from the present – where would you like to be as an artist?

In ten years I see myself my own line of T-shirts in stores and having art shows and exhibitions all the time along with selling my art.


eskort art

Advice for Emerging Artists

As an emerging artist the only advice I could give would be believe in your work, because if you won’t no one else will.


The Artist Known as Eskort – Abstract and Graffiti Art

USA, New Jersey


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