We have asked 10 artists to outline their process and technique – essentially asking them how they make art. Of course the answers are quite different, dependant on the artist’s preference, mediums and styles.

This is also a review of artists who have been featured at Artpromotivate.

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How 10 Contemporary Artists Create Art and the Tools Used to Create a Work of Art!


  1. wrapped abstract paintingSara Morison

    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Mediums: acrylic, graphite, ink, watercolor pencils

    Style: abstract art

    What is your process for art creation?

    I love the intrigue and mystery of abstract art... the conversation between the viewer and what they see, how it makes them feel. I love the versatility of acrylics, from transparency to thick opaque washes and how mark making with watercolor pencils, graphite, inks can mingle and interact with the paints. I usually limit my palette and see where that takes me, having no preconceived notion of the endpoint. The process unfolding, reacting, inviting, playing create a slice of life.

  2. brian horton squigglesFrank Myers

    Southeast USA

    Mediums: photography, digital manipulation, Corel Painter

    Style: Hybrid photography

    What techniques do you use to make art?

    I have been making images that I call Hybrid Photography. I take digital photographs and applying analog painting and drawing techniques to them. This approach was inspired by a process I used to produce on Polaroid's called polaroid emulsion manipulation So I spent a couple of years creating a process I call - Digital Polaroid Manipulation. The original technique entails using a stylus or toothpick to move the emulsion around on a polaroid image as it is developing to create an impressionistic version of the photograph.

    The digital version of this technique involves using a digital photograph and Corel Painter. I start by pulling in painting that I think will make an interesting final subject then put a semi-opaque layer over the photo so that I can only see the basic shapes then pull the colors and shapes through the layer to create an impressionistic final image. 

    I have recently been developing a portfolio of vector art and pushing the envelope on that style of image as well. This has evolved through my association with The Art of Cool Project.

  3. Stephanie Holznecht 

    arf mixed media dogUSA

    Mediums: acrylic,  mixed media 

    Style: abstract art, impressionism 

    How do you create art?

    I started out my life in art as a graphic designer and realist artist, mainly drawing in pencil and then pen and ink. My subject matter was animals and portraits. I now work almost exclusively on acrylic paintings and mixed media collages. I haven't forsaken pen and ink, it just isn't my focus right now. My subject matter can be anything that inspires me at the moment.

  4. Piroska Pipo

    piroska pipo dancer paintingCalgary, Canada (originally Hungary) 

    Mediums: painting

    Style: abstract, expressionism


    How do you go about making art?

    My style is anything and everything. I work on commission, realistic portraits for five minutes than break out the pallet knife and create abstract with thick strokes and texturing gels. I let the painting decide what I need to do; there is interest in variety!

  5. Benjamin Matthijs 

    benjamin matthijsGermany

    Mediums: digital photography 

    Style: photography

    What is your process for photographing?

    Whenever I go out, my camera is my companion. So whenever walking around I keep my eyes wide open, looking for interesting scenes, beautiful details and powerful compositions. Once captured with the camera I usually wait a couple of days or weeks before I start post-processing the images. When working on an image I think back to the particular scene, to the moods and feelings connected with this scene. My aim is that the viewer can experience the same again, when looking at the finished image.

  6. Marcia Crumley
    enchanted forestNew England, USA 

    Mediums: acrylic, gouache, inks 

    Style: interpretive realism 

    What techniques do you use for art creation?

    I use a variety of techniques but the one I always go back to is the one I used in these featured works, where I pour paint over layers of resist.

  7. Kate Masterson

    three blue trianglesWest Yorkshire, Britain

    Mediums: paintings

    Style: impressionism 

    Please explain your process for creating art?

    I love the outdoors and am fascinated by the constantly changing appearance of the landscape.

    My paintings are not pictures of a landscape but a record of the physical and emotional experience of being in the landscape, using all my senses to record the walk, the sound of leaves or a passing plane.

    I am inspired by small moments such as a hovering bee and also the huge panoramic. My paintings strive to convey a sense of space and openness that I always feel. Drawing, recording and photographing the landscape are my source material generating a personal language of lines, shapes and colours that capture my thoughts and feelings.

    Colour is central to my work; I love the process of mixing colours and exploring colour relationships. The physicality of painting is very important to me; the expressive marks reflect my enthusiasm. I am fascinated by the visible history of the paintings; the scraping and rubbing back of the surface revealing a many layered process. The paintings are confident and expressive reflecting my passion and enjoyment of paint and colour.

  8. Ted Barr 

    ovum paintingIsrael

    Mediums: acrylics, oil paint 

    Style: abstract art

    How do you create your artworks?

    I’m painting horizontally on canvas, I use tar as the main medium with variations of oil colors, acrylics and lacquer.

    All my paintings are multi layered as up to 25 layers.

  9. Christine Dana

    eye sunsetSouthern California, USA

    Mediums: watercolor, acrylics 

    Style: abstract art, surrealism 

    How do you make art?

    I work mostly in acrylics and watercolour, though I also do photography as well. My style and themes align most closely with surrealism and abstract.

  10. Adrienne Harrington 

    adrienne harringtonTexas, USA 

    Mediums: acrylic paint 

    Style: abstract art, impressionistic 

    How do you create artworks?

    Acrylics are my medium of choice right now until I feel brave enough to try oils. I like how quickly acrylics dry because I am a very impatient person and don't like to wait for anything, especially paint.

    Since I am so impatient, I like to paint things that don't require a lot of fine detail - big bold brush strokes are my favorite. I will try to paint just about anything right now; however, my favorite subjects are landscapes & nature.

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