Artist spotlights have accounted for a vast majority of posts at Artpromotivate for the past year. This is major part of this site, and will continue to be for 2013.

This list does not determine if one artist is better than another, or whether the artist is more famous. This is a list of artist spotlights which have the most visitors from several sources, including Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Google Analytics was used to determine the top artist spotlights for this list, and they were selected based on total number of pageviews.


  1. Iris Scott Fingerpainting

    Iris Scott Professional Fingerpainting2666 pageviews

    Seattle USA artist Iris Scott has been a very popular featured artist with our readers. Her fingerpainting technique is not only colourful and unique, but the way she presents it through well crafted video has surely contributed to her online success. Many of these pageviews have actually came from Google for searches such as “Iris Scott” and “Iris Scott Fingerpainting” – showing that Iris Scott is becoming a highly sought after artist.

    Congrats on your success Iris, and we are looking forward to seeing much more from you in 2013.

  2. Sam Randall

    1593 pageviews

    Sam Randall Painting

    Australia artist Sam Randall has impressed us with her colourful, complexly simple style. Her paintings are influenced by pop art, impressionism, surrealism and abstraction, giving a very unique result. Sam has worked on several series, including birds, flora, fauna, fish and more. She is also planning more series for 2013, including mythological creatures, tattoo styles and Day of the Dead series. All the best for 2013 Sam, and it has been an honour featuring you here.

  3. Dan Cope

    Dan Cope Art1222 pageviews

    Dan Cope is a self-taught artist who paints mainly acrylic abstracts, using varying materials such as feathers, rubber bands and paper. He revealed several things in his spotlight – becoming voluntarily homeless, most of his artwork has been stolen, he gives away much of his art, and he he has sold art to pay rent for 6 months of a year. From his unique viewpoint and experience, Dan asks a profound question to emerging artists “If you knew you were never going to make a dime from your art, would you still do it?”

  4. Hiroko Sakai

    Hiroko Sakai Art1130 pageviews

    Hiroko Sakai is a relocated Japanese artist living in San Francisco, USA. Her story is both touching and inspirational. In her move from Japan to the USA she has struggled with many things (read her full story here), all the time being devoted to her art and promoting it online.

    We were both impressed with her intricate, moody, expressive paintings and her drive and determination in promoting her art online.

    Her art website is fully featured and really something to emulate for those artists who hope to sell art on the internet. She also has an online store, two art blogs (one in Japanese and the other in English) and sells books of her work. Hiroko also dabbles in Photography and poetry.

    Thank-you Hiroko Sakai for giving us the honor of featuring your art here at Artpromotivate! 

  5. Francene Levinson

    874 pageviews

    Francene Levinson is the fourth artist we have had the privilege of featuring here, way back in January of 2012. Francene is known for creating beautiful, intricate paper sculptures using am ancient paper folding technique known as Zhe Zhi – inspired by birds, plant life, and marine life. See many of her amazing sculptures at the link above, as well as in the video below. 

  6. Paul Buford

    Paul Buford Painting793 pageviews

    USA artist Paul Buford paints rustic looking paintings of antique cars, motorcycles, and scenes of a time passed. 

    We were “wowed” by his meticulously realistic watercolor paintings which capture every last detail and show his mastery of the medium.


  7. Lynette Williams

    Lynette Williams Fine Art690 pageviews

    Lynette Williams combines her two passions, as an interior design seamstress and an artist, to create breathtaking fabric collage images.

    She fuses pieces of fabric together, without the use of paint or other mediums, to produce beautiful collage images. Many of Lynette’s themes have been portraiture or nature based, but she hopes to expand this in the future.

    We are certainly looking forward to seeing more from her – she is an artist to watch for 2013 (as are all of these on this page)!


  8. Rob Heath

    639 Pageviews

    Rob Heath ArtRob Heath is a painter from Loire, France who paints expressive images of cityscapes, skyscrapers, urban skylines, landscapes and more. We were particularly touched by his version of the Twin Towers (Space for Reflection), which dominate the composition and show an empty white space where the massive structure used to be.

    See more of Rob’s abstract expressionism style by visiting the link above.

  9. Cheryl O

    CherylO Painting597 pageviews

    The art of Canadian artist (and art teacher) Cheryl O is hypnotic and beautiful, full of color, texture and amazing details. In her interview, she expresses her joy with creating, a journey which began at 39, and has developed into a life changing experience. Cheryl’s watercolors, oils and acrylics are a sight to behold, some of which can be viewed at the above link.

    See more at her website here:

  10. Scott Hile

    Scott Hile Art550 pageviews

    USA artist Scott Hile creates partly representational paintings and abstracts in oils, acrylics, and more. Scott has over 30 years experience of creating art for art collectors and clients.

    Here is what Scott has to share with emerging artists:

    If you enjoy creating, DON'T EVER STOP. If you think your good enough to make it a career, get a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion before you quit your day job.

    And if you do, be able to take rejection and harsh criticism, and be able to accept hunger, or don't even bother.

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  1. Thank you, Artpromotivate. I've been always appreciating your passion and support on art and artists. I wish you and your loved ones beautiful new year 2013.

    Hiroko Sakai


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