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Ted Barr - As Above so Below - The Relations Between Galaxies to Embryos

Painter, curator and teacher of art workshops.

In 2008 I founded the current art group that contains as to November 2012 more than 4000 artists.  In my art I’m interesting in the inter-relations between the smallest and largest universal formats.


Andromeda Galaxy ©Ted Barr


“When was the first time you realized you were an artist?”

20 years ago I was writing on my life but then came a visualization of my concept.


“Please tell us all about your art... style, mediums, themes, and process.”

I’m painting horizontally on canvas, I use tar as the main medium with variations of oil colors, acrylics and lacquer.

All my paintings are multi layered as up to 25 layers.


eagle nebula pillars

“What kind of music do you listen to while creating?”

Mahler and Bach


“How do you get inspired when uninspired?”

Travelling, meeting inspiring friends, doing sports, drinking raw vegetable green drinks


Eagle Nebula ©Ted Barr



“What do you do in your spare time besides art?”

Write and sports


“What are you working on now or most recently?”

The Cycle of Life painting series that weaves together my 2 main painting series The Deep Space inspired by the Hubble telescope images and human forming inspired by Lennart Nilsson photography.


ovum painting

“What is the best artwork you ever created, and why?”

It’s the canvas I’ll paint next week.


Ovum 11 ©Ted Barr



“What role does the artist play in society?”

As part of the current art group activity we started the Unity flags program that will bring together Muslim, Christian and Jewish kids in Israel in several art workshops in which they will create together flags with the unity theme.


“Have you sold many artworks? How?”

No, I’m selling very few artworks because I’m not compromising on my price.

It’s via word of mouth usually collectors that came to my studio.


dreams wounded bird

“What are your favorite ways of promoting art online?”

Via my art group the Current art group

My personal fan page in FB and my art blog with Wordpress Ted2008


Wounded Bird ©Ted Barr




“Can you tell us about your main art influences?”

My main art influence is deep space, galaxies, stars, pulsars, supernovas, nebulae and other majestic celestial images sent to planet Earth by the Hubble telescope.

With that I’m inspired by the human formation how sperm and ovum converge in the process of life creating.


“Can you recommend a great contemporary artist and tell us a little about their art?”

Olee Jonsson from Sweden creates giant iron sculptures in his studio in Alfta, Sweden. I was invited to his studio on 2008 and created there 3 glass statues that were presented in the Fusion arts museum in NYC


eagle nebula painting

Eagle Nebula Vivid ©Ted Barr

“Please tell us something interesting in your life. (ie. funny story, achievement, places you visited, etc.)”

I wrote several children books and an allegory about Adolph Hitler called ' Frau Gruber camp'

Now I’m editing my new Novel that would be called 'Korostens door'


“Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?”

Travelling as I’m doing nowadays, giving more lectures, teaching kids art all over the globe.
The Current art group would have 100000 members and a major show in a central museum.


“Do you have any parting advice you can give to aspiring and emerging artists?”

ted barrThere are no shortcuts in art you have to be patient especially in the international markets and better learn from the experience of others.


Ted Barr - Ted Barr - As Above so Below - The Relations Between Galaxies to Embryos


Artist Website: Ted Paintings

Twitter: @tedbarr5 
Google+:  Ted Barr

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