Artist Facebook PagesIn the past year, we have featured the Facebook pages of many artists right here at Artpromotivate. We are continuing this tradition for 2013. The feedback has been great for this feature.

Many of the profiled artists have reported receiving many new followers immediately following promotion of their Facebook page.

This is something we really like to see.




How can you get your Facebook page promoted at Artpromotivate for free? It’s very simple! Answer these questions, and send it to the email provided.

  1. Give a short bio about yourself as an artist.
  2. Please tell us how you use Facebook pages for promotion of artworks. Do you have any tips to share?
  3. Do you have any advice to share with other artists concerning promoting art online?

Send your submission to Please be patient. Sometimes it takes awhile for artists to be featured here, but we will contact you when you are. Consider subscribing as well so you when know when your Facebook page is promoted.


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Artists with Facebook Pages


Sarah Hinds (Facebook Page)

Artist Bio

artist sarah hindsI live and work in the UK, where I was born and raised. I hope eventually to move to my cave house, studio and gallery in Southern Spain. Throughout my life, art has always been a passion of mine, despite working for local government for far too many years. With a background in Photography and Printmaking, redundancy gave me the push needed to pursue a more creative career.

I draw my inspiration from everything around me. Often the found objects and materials become part of the work, alongside more traditional acrylics and inks, in my mixed media work. My work concerns the celebration and recording of events and the passage of time.


How do you use Facebook for promoting your artworks?

I have an Artist Sarah Hinds page in addition to my personal one, which keeps it more business like and provides a nice online portfolio. I post regular progress reports on work, sold work and results of submissions. Announcements about my exhibitions and invites to my private views are easily updated. I’ve also found personal invites to be more effective than the “yes, I’m attending” method which maybe has been a little overused.


Do you have any specific advice for artists using Facebook?

Keep it professional, and away from the “what I had for tea” brigade. Having said that do interact with your Facebook friends for reasons other than to promote your art


RB Arts Studio (Facebook Page)

Artist Bio


rb arts studioInspired by a family of art teachers, I started on the route for painting at childhood. I won some school competitions. As a kid, I saw my father do fabric paintings, but I liked oils and acrylics that allowed eye   catching expressions. I was always inspired and intrigued by worldly events, issues, beauty, horror, inhumanity, love, pride, and any emotional characteristics shown by my characters. This leads to putting an idea together and an art form is born.


I am a self taught artist. I started with some background in color mixing and layer techniques from a Master Artist. I have found painting as a medium to connect with organizations that are working on issues close to my heart. I plan to donate a good portion of my sales to these organizations. If you like any of my work, do drop me a line about it. Do mention your interests and anything specific you would like to see on canvas.


I like working with Acrylics and Oil paints. I am good at sketches as well but have kept those for myself (not for sale, I am too attached to details that I bring out in sketches)


How do you use Facebook to market artworks to collectors?

I have a Facebook page RBArts Studio


Thank-you Sarah Hinds and RB Arts Studio for your submissions. To see their Facebook pages, click on their name to be taken directly there. Why not drop in and say “Hello!” and leave a word of encouragement to the artist.

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