happy new year 2013We wish you the BEST for 2013 and beyond! Thank-you to all for being a continuous and tremendous support for the past year. For this we are truly grateful!

What are your plans for your art in the New Year? New exhibitions? Ideas for new series of artworks? New paintings? Any plans for online promotion efforts?


This is your chance to let us know all about it! Please leave a comment below.

One final thing for the first post of the year… if you have any exciting developments to announce this year for your art career, consider this an open invite to announce it here at Artpromotivate. Examples would be an upcoming show, new series you are working on, a great new art promotion opportunity, unique art technique, etc. Simply send us a message anytime telling us all about it (in your own words), and if its relevant, we will publish it for you. We have already done this several times in the past year, and look forward to doing much more free promoting of artists in the new year!!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. My goals for 2013 are
    -to keep improving
    -to network more
    -to visit more galleries
    -to read more artist biographies
    -to finish my new series
    -to get into bigger and better shows. Happy New Year #maineart

  2. @Janet Glatz
    Thank-you Janet! Best wishes for achieving all of your art goals!! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  3. Just got a WIX website up and running thanks to Artpromotivates efforts ( this is obviously an ongoing process and there are things I need to fix). Feedback is appreciated, and yes, one guy did all the very different artwork there...me ( I REALLY need to settle on a style).
    This is the first part of more promotion to come through the new year, and hopefully to be in a few shows. Thanks Graham for the advice and encouragement to us all, and happy new year.

  4. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to you Graham for all of the work you put into this wonderful blog!

    *As I start a new body of work that will knock the socks off m
    followers, my aim is to ready them for a show at this time next
    *Earlier would be nice, but I am not going to pressure myself. I am
    going to enjoy the process and paint for painting's sake. Selling
    will be the fringe benefit when I complete my task at hand.
    *Continuing to work on my artbook, photographing my paintings and
    working on the layout. It is so satisfying to see this come
    *Explore the artists of the Contemporary and Ethnic Art Worlds
    to give my art historical knowledge and interests a more refined
    http://www.bjtuiningafineart.com or http://bjtuininga.crevado.com/


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