artist mehriban efendi Mehriban Efendi                                                         


Mediums: Mix media, acrylic, oil on canvas

Style: Surrealism

I am an international award winning artist working in surrealistic style of work which is coming from not mind but from “a heart home” of a soul which has more knowledge than a human being.

“Please tell us about your first experience creating.”

I first started to paint at seven while sitting in a class-room at the school and non stop ignoring the teacher and class-mates.



“How long have you considered yourself an artist?”

I felt unusual feeling of being close to God, Universe and Space at my 5 years old and that closeness and getting information’s later seeing in my dreams and vision.


impression painting

“What are you trying to convey to viewers through your art?”

The Truth In my own style of work which carry all  of the information through the symbols about the WORLD and its mission.



"Impression" © Mehriban Efendi (acrylic on paper)






“Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.”

I never know what would I create unless I give up to subconscious while painting. I leave behind of the door all in my real life and step to my workshop to create a magic.


“What things inspire you to create art?”

Usually nice music can drive me up, and I may lose the sense of reality… I am inspired by all the mystical senses and knowledge which I get while painting and I love all the beauty around us which is seen and unseen.


“What exhibitions have you had?”

I have had many international and national exhibitions in my country and outside like in USA, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and so on. I am a participant of such a project –exhibition as “Surrealism Now” funded by Bissaya Barreto foundation ,”Art Takes Times Square” USA, New York, ”Digital art to Dining Table” Australia,”Arts and Awarness”and personal exhibition in USA, Montana.


“Have you sold any of your artworks? How?”

spring sounds paintingI have sold many original and prints of my art works. I sell usually personally through exhibition periods or in my studio and also in online.



"The Spring Sounds" © Mehriban Efendi (acrylic on paper)


“How do you promote your art on the internet?”

I have the web site created in Britain by Adrian Durham and also I use and other social sites  for keeping up to date all the news and my information Video films created about my at also help for letting more audience to be inspired by my creativity which we posted to


“Tell us about influences.”

I had a “gift’ in a very early age of my life and was not able at that time to understand many things but just mystic feelings coming inside which I give in outside through the creations which I do. Amazing point is that The  “knowledge” which I was given in my dreams and meditations through the channel from my Space Teachers I started to read and learn when I grew up in the Quantum physics materials.


azerbaijan artist mehriban efendi

“Please recommend another artist you admire, and tell us a little about them.”

I like very much the unusual art of Santiago Ribeiro – the surrealist artist living in Portugal. He is the curator of the project exhibition “Surrealism Now “. The traveling exposures  which he curates throughout of the world bringing  the life to the surrealistic art.



"Mystery of the night"         © Mehriban Efendi (oil on canvas)



“Tell us something interesting in your life.”

I remember Fantastic travels to USA which started by the State Department of USA of international visitor program in 2004  and the most memorable exhibition of my life by the amazing Friend and my art manager living in USA, Tauni O’Brian. She implemented and sponsored my first personal exposure in USA in Montana and showed me the mystical beauty around that land which I carry in my heart.


“What is the most annoying thing someone has said to you about your art?”

I do not like the question about what I have created in a picture. Because it is important to be felt than to be understood. Besides everything everyone should has his own view to the matter and art.


“Do you have any regrets in your life as an artist?”

pearl star paintingI regret that I lost my father in my early age. We loved each other very much and he was the only one person who understood my feelings and was helping me to become an artist.


"Pearl Star" © Mehriban Efendi (oil on canvas)


He was a great man and was the author and project head of the main constructions created in Baku like the building of the Circus and the  many famous buildings and bridges of my country.


“What plans do you have for the future of your art?”

I am working very hard on my new art collections and will use all the opportunities given to me to exposure them.


“Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?”

Never give up even facing many obstacles on the way and have your own style of painting.


Azerbaijan Artist Mehriban Efendi - Art of a Soul

Website: Mehriban Efendi | Twitter: @mehribanefendi | Facebook page: Art Mehriban Efendi | Google+: Mehriban Efendi

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