How and where do artists sell art? This is one of the questions in our artist spotlight questionnaire: “Do you sell your artworks? How?” The answers are quite varied, but there is one consistent element in most responses. Artists who sell more have tried several promotion methods. The most successful of these is through exhibiting artwork at galleries or public spaces. To sell art, artists also promote online, participate in art fairs, sell affordable art, sell though their list, etc.

If you are interested in learning how to sell art, please refer to this post: 5 Articles to help Sell Art

Also take the advice of the artists below, who share their experiences with selling art.

  1. Niharika Garg

    Niharika GargIndia, Delhi

    Mediums: Charcoal, oil paintings

    : illustration, realism

    Have you sold any of your paintings thus far?

    I haven’t sold any artwork through private exhibitions (I’m not that confident yet). But I have sold 2-3 by organising exhibitions at home. That was a small affair. I would start putting up my work very soon in the coming year.


  2. Lauren Curtis

    NJ, USA

    Lauren CurtisMediums: oils, watercolor, collage, pen & ink, Photoshop and photography.

    Themes: mythology, nature, spirituality, travel and gothic-oriented works

    Have you sold many of your artworks?

    I've lost count, lol. Not that I've sold thousands but I've been an artist for many years; I sell some originals as well as a lot of photography prints, illustrations, greeting cards, t-shirts, etc. which I consider art as it's all my work. Being that my background is in sales and marketing I know the value of promoting and being active in positive ways on social networking sites. I also do a lot of art events each year and have an art e-newsletter & blog.


  3. Mary Lee Maynard

    Montreal, Canada

    Mary Lee MaynardMediums: acrylic, oil, spray paint, markers, photography, pencil, ink, mixed media texture

    Style: lining, film noir, comic book, graffiti, abstract

    Do you sell your art? 

    Yes! I have! Friends, family, friends of friends, employers. It takes a lot of time, effort and trust me the worst is self confidence in bringing up that you are also an artist and that... you know... do also sell your works! It something that comes with practice.

  4. Benjamin Mitchley

    Benjamin MitchleyCenturion, Gauteng, South Africa

    Mediums: Oil, Mixed medium, Acrylic, Photography, Digital

    Style: Figurative

    Have you sold any of your artworks? How?

    Coffee shops, art markets, art fairs, and the side walk is where I sold my first works. I eventually got representation in galleries, and solo exhibitions, but ongoing marketing is the key.

    Online galleries and the internet has been a good outlet for me.


  5. Tim Seaward

    Néré, Charenete-Maritime, France

    Tim SeawardMediums: oils; acrylics; Graphite and coloured pencils; pastels; preparing to produce drypoint prints

    Style: Abstract; Surreal; linear

    Have you sold any of your artworks? How?”

    Yes. Through agents, galleries, open air art markets, general markets, my own studios, in my homes, and now through the internet.


  6. Teresa Perleberg

    North Dakota, USA

    Teresa PerlebergMediums: wool

    Style: Realistic

    “Have you sold any of your artworks? How?”

    I have sold many of my sculptures in the past five years. Mostly on the internet. I sell my art on Etsy. and on my own website.


  7. Lee Nixon

    Virginia, United States

    Lee NixonMediums: Gloss Medium and Varnish, Acrylics and Modeling Paste

    Style: Impressionism

    Have you sold any of your artworks? How?”

    I have sold numerous paintings. They are usually sold from an exhibition at a gallery, hospital or street festival. Sometimes, nothing is sold during the exhibition, but later I will receive an Email or call requesting a painting. At times, I have received a commission for a painting after a show. That adds to the joy of painting! In addition to that, I have sold several prints.


  8. Helen Duplassie

    Helen Duplassie Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    Mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolour, dye on silk

    Style: primarily realist

    How have you sold your art?

    I have sold to family and friends privately, from the gallery, from a coffee shop that exhibits our art, from my website and from one free artist website.


  9. Mehriban Efendi

    Mehriban EfendiAzerbaijan

    Mediums: Acrylic, Mix media, oil on canvas

    Style: Surrealism

    Are you selling any of your artworks? 

    I have sold many original and prints of my art works. I sell usually personally through exhibition periods or in my studio and also in online.


  10. Tina Townsend

    Tina TownsendLangley, B.C. Canada

    Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic

    Have you sold any of your pieces?

    Yes I’ve sold many pieces, up until the past year I would always just give them away as gifts but this past year I have stepped out and put value to the art work I do. Started out selling watercolours but then once I got hold of Oils it’s been a great expansion to my love of art..

    How? I have friends and family that get their friends and family to check out my art.

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