jester jacques galleryRecently, I had the honor of posting a very helpful guest post from Karen Shidlo of Jester Jacques Gallery in London, England – How to Approach an Art Gallery With Your Work.



Karen has also recently posted about Artpromotivate at the JJ Gallery blog (find the post here), and I am very grateful for her kindness and generosity.

I offered to feature her site and art gallery here as well, so I asked her some questions about Jester Jacques Gallery.

Please give a little background on Jester Jacques Gallery - it's purpose, when, and why it was created.

JJ Gallery was created in January 2011. I felt a gap in the art world here in London; everything is so nichey and I wanted to build a collection of both emerging, young artists work and that of more well known, investment street art work. Primarily though, I felt as a struggling young artist myself, that I could devote my time to assisting those I believed in and showcasing/selling their work. The gallery has changed in many ways I couldn't have predicted, but our mission remains the same. Through selling collectible prints, we make the money to keep going and can bring awareness to unknown artists.


Please give an explanation on how artists can submit artwork, and the genre of art which you generally accept.

Artists can always submit work to us, as we are always looking for prints, stickers and works on paper to put up on our online store. We particularly are looking for tattoo style prints/drawings, figurative illustrations... for inspiration, just look at our online shop and you will see what we want to promote. Lately, I have been considering selling some concert posters hand drawn and designed by illustrators. So we are quite open. You can submit by either emailing or through our website, where there is a submission form where you upload your work and links to portfolio.


Please explain how artists can get involved on your site.

Our blog is becoming increasingly popular, but we always need content. I enjoy doing artist profiles, so if you want to be considered for that, please email us with your portfolio and website links. If you are an avid writer of art yourself or have a small, creative business you would like to post about and promote, please email me the topics for consideration. Upcoming events would be great too!


What are the upcoming events and future plans of Jester Jacques Gallery?

We are doing a pop up shop here in Shoreditch, London. Then we will participate in one of the London Art Fair's in April... and we are working with an artist from Royal Academy who makes installations to come up with an exciting exhibition to put up locally too! We continue to sell online, work on our blog and maintain our online presence. The ultimate goal is to have a gallery space/shop, but we realize that takes time. 


Would you like to share some advice about promoting art?

For artists to promote their work: don't underestimate the power of word of mouth; start your artist's Facebook page and get all your friends, family to like and share your content. Use Twitter to follow influential people in the field, both internationally and in your local community. I find that conversing with local businesses is a great way to make connections; you can cross promote and if you are kind and attentive, they will spread the word about you too. I could write so much on this topic, so stay tuned for a full article on Art Pro by me!


Thank-you Karen.

Website: Jester Jacques Gallery | Blog: JJ Gallery Blog

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