We have been contemplating a way of promoting artists more at this site. Some have suggested more art being featured at Artpromotivate to make the site more visually appealing and interesting. Of course, we agree.. so read on to see what we are suggesting.


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So far, well over 120 visual artists have been interviewed at Artpromotivate. These can be found via the Contents page, and by searching the Artist Spotlight tag. We have been featuring these in retrospective posts and also have been actively promoting them via our Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. We also have a free directory of artist websites.

In order to give you a better chance of new visitors finding your spotlight, we are suggesting an In the Spotlight banner to appear right at the top of the home page – just under the menu, and above posts. This is the first seen spot on this site, so having your art here will certainly bring recognition to you and your spotlight.

This will be a FREE promotion. It will be like having free advertising for your art on an increasingly popular online art magazine. But, the only stipulation here is that only artists who have been featured in a spotlight will receive the free ad spot.


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Here are a few details about this In the Spotlight promotion:

  1. ONLY artists who have been interviewed at Artpromotivate will be included.

    This gives further benefit to being featured here. If you haven’t submitted a spotlight yet, and want to be included in this spot, then visit this page: Artist Spotlight 

    Complete your spotlight entry, and also request inclusion in this spot.

  2. You must inform us of the artwork to feature.

    This can be one you already have included in your spotlight, or a more recent one.

    emailIf the image is already included in your spotlight, just leave a comment below letting us know which one. If it is a more recent artwork, email your name and image to the email at the right.

  3. The size of the artwork will be adjusted to fit the space. We have not decided yet an actual size for the section, but know that it will be fairly large.

  4. The artwork will only appear on the home page, and not above posts.
  5. The image will be included in a rotating banner script.

    What this means is that a random artwork will appear each time the page is loaded. This is the fairest way we know of to promote all artists equally. The artwork will also directly link to your spotlight at Artpromotivate.

    This will remain here as long as this section exists. If for any reason you want your artwork removed, or replaced with a different image, just send us an email.

  6. A separate featured article section will appear alongside this one. This will display a random image from our most popular articles and directly link to the article.

  7. We will try to get this promotion underway as soon as we can… hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

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So, if you have a spotlight here, this will be a great way to give new visitors to this site direct access to your interview.

Of course, we are very open to suggestions on how we can promote artists. Do you want to see even more art featured here, such as in the sidebar and below posts?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Graham, what a terrific idea and what a boon to those of us who are constantly striving to be seen. Thank you! I will email a new image shortly. Janet Glatz

  2. Sounds great - and generous as you always are. Question: do you want words on the artwork - such as 'www.cherylo.ca' or a quote - or just the image?

  3. @Cheryl O
    Hi Cheryl, That is a very good idea! You can add anything you want to the image.

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