youtube video promotionFor artists, Youtube can be an amazing opportunity for promoting artwork. A video camera would be an asset for filming events or the artist creating in their studio, but not really necessary. A good webcam and video creation software can be used for many of the methods an artist would make use of video.

Artists can use video for many things, including telling the artist’s story, slideshows, teaching, studio tours, and more.

This article includes a description of some of the ways artists can make use of video and Youtube for marketing art.

8 Ways Artists Can use Video for Art Promotion

  1. Share the story behind an artist’s work

    Every artist has a story, and people often love to hear it. This can be how you became an artist, how you discovered your unique style or process, what message you try to convey in your work, etc. Such a video does not have to be long. Take a look at Iris Scott’s video explaining how she stumbled onto fingerpainting: Iris Scott Fingerpainting Video

  2. Create a slideshow of an artwork or series

    Slideshows are one of the most popular video types for artists. This usually involves showing a series of photos, often with transitions. There are several free video slideshow creation programs available online, including One True Media and Picasa 3. Slideshows can even be created using Windows Live Movie Maker.

  3. Video blogging or Vlog

    Promote Art with VideoThis is something I have not seen artists do, though undoubtedly there may be some who have Vblogs. Video blogs can be used in the same way as regular blogs. They can help show a personality behind the art and artist much better than a text blog.

    If you are outgoing, comfortable in front of a camera, and like to talk a lot, then this may just be the right blogging platform for you. Use video blogging to talk about whatever is on your mind at the time. It could be ideas you have, successes, struggles, etc. – basically anything you feel comfortable with revealing publically, and you feel would be of interest to your audience.

  4. Progression of an artwork

    video cameraThis involves finding a way to show how a certain artwork progresses over time. This can be the next best thing to being in your studio and watching you paint. Although this can make the entire painting process appear overly simplified, it can create a “wow factor”. A viewer will see your painting, sculpture, etc. being created and magically come to life before their eyes.

    To see the viral possibilities of this type of video, take a look at Phil Hansen’s video of him using karate on his painting of Bruce Lee. This video now has well over 3 million views. 

    Creating a video to show progression of an artwork over time can be accomplished in different ways: 

    Set the camera on a tripod and take regular snapshots of the piece. Then, create a slideshow from all your photos. If the number of photos is in the hundreds though, you may want to have a very short time interval for each slide.

    If you work fast, simply set up your webcam or video camera and film yourself creating art. Then, speed up the video to shorten it, and add music.

    Another way of doing this is by creating a time lapse video. Here is a tutorial on one way to do this using a webcam: Speed Painting Video

  5. Tour of your studio

    Fans love to see the place where an artist creates and ideas come to fruition. A studio tour along with narration could be something very interesting for follows to watch. It is something which adds credibility and proof that the artist is serious about his/her work.

  6. Teach Art Techniques

    If you already teach art or hold workshops, teaching techniques and processes can be a good way of building a solid reputation while promoting art. You don’t have to be a teacher to do this though. Many artists film themselves while painting or sculpting and give commentary about their process and technique. This can be a good way of showing your way of doing things, and educating others who do not understand art - “how it’s made”.

    A perfect example is Cheryl O’s tutorial video describing her acrylic painting effects.

     Send Cheryl a like by clicking the thumbs-up button at the top of the video.

  7. Showcase other artists.

    Video can be used to interview and show the work of other artists. Many artists will appreciate being promoted in this way, especially those without the know-how or time to create videos of their own. 

  8. Film Events

    Video can be a great way of letting others view your art exhibition, provided the gallery allows this. Also film events such as your display at art fairs and festivals and display them for your followers at Youtube.

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Free Youtube Slideshow Video Promotion

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