facebook aboutOn a Facebook profile, the link for the About page is small and rarely noticed – and consequently rarely visited. Before graph search, there was really no useful purpose to filling out the information about oneself.

With the arrival of FB graph search there is now good reason to completely fill out this section.


Graph search makes use of all this information to help people find others with similar interests. Others can find you according to where you live and work, education, what movies and music you like, interests, liked pages, activities, groups, apps and much more. Actually, nearly everything one does on Facebook can be used in their Graph Search database. So, if there are things you do not want made public for everyone to see, take a look at your privacy settings. I recently posted about this: How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings.


The Facebook About Page

Click About on your Facebook profile as shown in the screenshot above. This page displays information about you, with the headings Work and Education, About You, Living, Basic Info., Contact Info. and more. Click Edit at the top right of each section to find the place to add details. Set privacy by clicking the cog wheel icon.

  1. Work and Education

    List where you worked, your college and high school, etc. In graph search, this can help others find you by searches such as “People who attended [college name]” This is a great way to help lost contacts reconnect with you at Facebook.

  2. About You

    This is a good place to write a short bio, and even list art websites, blogs, Facebook pages and other social profiles. Make sure the privacy here is set to Public.

  3. Living

    Set this to help people find you according to where you live or your hometown. This will help people find you by searching for “People who live in [PLACE]” or “People who like art and live in [PLACE]”. If you would rather your Facebook profile remain private, simply do not set this.

  4. Basic Info.

    Add basic info. at your own discretion, such as birthday, languages, religion, relationship status, and more.

  5. Contact Info.

    Help people contact you by entering emails, telephone numbers, address, etc. 

    I generally do not recommend entering telephone numbers here (at least not setting them as public). If you do so, expect phone calls from telemarketers. Also, in the interest of safety, enter only a general address. Your artist website may be a better place to enter these details.

    The website section here is a great place to include art websites, blogs and other social networking profiles.

  6. Pages

    Your Facebook page is listed here. To make sure it shows on your profile, click Edit, check the box, and hit Save.


Tagging your Photos with a Location

facebook mapsSetting the location will help people find your art based on where you live, and in some cases the actual location in the piece. Click Map in the top dropdown menu. On the next page hit Add Photos to Map. Some of your Facebook photos should appear at the top, and maybe some artworks if you have them uploaded at Facebook. In the “Where was this box?”, enter either where you live or the actual location depicted in the piece. Then, when someone searches using Facebook Graph Search for “Photos of [place]”, they may find your artwork.


Tagging your Photos with a Name

This section is not included on the About page but I thought I should mention it because of the relevancy. When photos are tagged with a name, they will show on searches when people search for “Photos of [YOUR NAME]”. I have made sure to tag some of my artworks with my name, along with setting their privacy to public to ensure they display on my public profile.

set privacyYou should know that privacy settings are set to share with “friends only” by default. You will have to change the setting to public yourself for specific posts – so that they can be seen by anyone.

Recently, I received a notification stating someone on Facebook (who was not even a friend) shared one of my Facebook albums, including several of my paintings. That person must have seen a post of mine in a Facebook group, and decided to visit my profile. I had the privacy of some of my albums set to public so that anyone could see them.

After I received the notification, I decided to visit the profile of that person. Since my shared posts were the only public posts on their Timeline, the only thing displayed there were my albums and my paintings!


Filling in your Likes and Interests

The Likes page can be found using the same menu illustrated above.

This page will help people find you according to your interests using Graph Search. Fill in as many interests to this section as you can, and set the ones you would like to be found by to Public. For my own activities, I listed painting, drawing, art, blogging, oil painting, and more. Now when someone searches for “People who like oil painting”, my name may just pop up!

The combination of having certain of your albums and artworks set to public, plus filling in your interests and tagging photographs could make yourself a highly searchable artist.

If you do not yet have Graph Search, you can apply to try it out now here.

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  1. I would like to set up a fb "art page." Since I already have a fb acct. set for friends/family only how does the "art page" differ? Can a "page" be open for the public to view without affecting the friends/family , one? So where are those settings made? Guess I am asking, can the two have different settings and just how is that done? I see no value in setting up an art "page" and having it only available to family and friends. On the other hand how does one control the art "page" correctly and safely?

  2. @Anonymous
    Pages are public and for business.. profiles are meant for personal things. I have several articles about Facebook pages. Please check out the Facebook category. :)

  3. @Anonymous
    I had the same problem and realized too far along that I should have used a different email address for my art page, because when I made the art page, I used the same address which makes both public or private.
    I will have to read the post suggested to see if there is a way around it, but it's a bit late after you have so many likes, to get all of them to come back over to re-friend/subscribe/like or whatever. (+:

  4. Hey folks! Social media manager slash artist here. I noticed some of the comments about personal profiles versus pages. The biggest different is that pages allow for you to measure and track what posts people like, to create event pages, and to run low cost ads. To create the page, simply go here while logged in with your personal account: www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

    I have one and really enjoy having something separate to my personal profile. It does not affect your friends and fam in any way but you do have the option to invite them to like your page so they can keep tabs :)

    This is me if anyone is curious https://www.facebook.com/natureandink

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