facebook privacy settings graph searchRecently I posted about the upcoming Graph Search from Facebook. I listed some ways artists can use the new Facebook search engine. Find this post here if you missed it: Facebook Graph Search.

Though this new tool can be very useful for those promoting something using Facebook, there are some who are concerned about invasion of privacy.


Facebook has assured us that this is not an issue. Only those things you have made available as public will be used in the search database This leaves the onus on Facebook users to take a close look at their Facebook privacy settings and examine what information they want shared with the world, and what they would like to make private – or delete forever.

The fact is, all your personal information, personal photos, relationship status, favorite movies, favorite music, employer, liked pages, and maybe more will be used in this huge database to help other Facebook users find you – if they are set as public. So, it is advisable before this new Facebook feature rolls out to the world, to make some tweaks to the things you want shared with the world, and those you would rather keep private.

This shared information has been on Facebook all along, and has not been anything to worry about – because it could not be used in searches. But if you do not people to find you by typing in phrases like “single women over 50 who live in [your city]”, you may want to think about taking a look at some of your privacy settings.

Now, I have to say that this is not a big concern for myself. I have been taking care of the things I’ve shared and liked all along, and maybe you have done the same. The way I look at it is this – I want to be found, whether it’s through the pages I have liked, or other things I have shared through Facebook.

I use Facebook mainly for promoting my art, and sharing artist spotlights and Artpromotivate posts after all. But, I have taken care to set family photos to only be shared with family, etc. to make sure there is some layer of privacy.

But, if you are one who has not been paying attention to the things you liked or setting privacy of your shared Facebook content, here are some steps you may want to follow.


How to Use the Facebook Activity Log

  1. facebook privacy settingsThere is a little lock icon right at the top-right of your Facebook profile.

    Click it.

  2. In the dropdown menu which appears, click Who can See my Stuff, then Use Activity Log, as highlighted in the image to the right.

  3. This page displays all the content you have shared on Facebook - shared posts, tagged photos and posts, your photos, things you have liked, comments, and much more.

  4. If you decide to go through everything, it may take a LONG time. For now, I recommend taking a look at tagged photos (especially the embarrassing ones) and likes.

  5. Click on the icon to the right of posts, photos, tags, etc, to set the privacy to public, friends, only me or custom. Click the pencil icon to delete items.


How to limit past posts to just friends

Facebook automatically limits all new posts to only be shared with friends, But, this setting has not always been in place. Past posts before this setting came into effect may still be shared publically. Luckily, this is very easy to set.

  1. limit old posts facebookAt the top of your Facebook profile, click the lock icon. Click See more Settings.

  2. Click Limit Past Posts in the privacy menu on this page. Read the warning popup – make sure you really want to do this, as it cannot be undone. 



Limiting and Removing Tagging

Friends have a tendency to tag people in embarrassing situations or even include your name in spam posts. Yes, these posts can be found easier than ever with Graph Search. There is a way you can prevent these photos from appearing on your own Timeline, even though they will still appear on your friend’s. Click the lock icon and See more Settings. In the menu to the left, click Timeline and Tagging.

  1. Tag Reviews – Set this option to approve tags before they appear on your Timeline. Note that they will still appear at other places on Facebook.

  2. Set what groups of friends see tags

  3. To fully remove a tag, visit your Activity Log as described above.


Looking at your About Page

facebook likes settingsSome of the stuff on your About page will be used to help others discover you using Graph Search. If you do not want to be found through searches based on location, relationship status, etc., it may be necessary to make changes here. Click Edit at the top of sections to adjust privacy settings for each.

Next, click the down arrow next to About at the top, and select Likes. This will lead you to a page showing your favorites, interests and liked pages. Go through each section and delete things you do not want to be associated with.



In a future article, I will be giving further instructions on how to optimize the Facebook About page for both profiles and Facebook pages  – which will help others find you at Facebook according to your artistic interests.

Stay tuned for this particularly helpful post, and please subscribe so it will not be missed.

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