I have been scanning through the artists spotlights of late, and reading some of the terrific tips shared by our featured artists. These tips were in answer to the question “Would you like to share advice for aspiring and emerging artists?” I noticed some advices showing up more than others, so I got this idea to tabulate the most mentioned tips. I am numbering these, so if you would like to leave a comment about a particular advice, please mention the tip number along with your comment. I am also displaying the number of times the particular tip was given.


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  1. Never give up and keep creating art – 67

    never give up on artIn other words, have patience and keep working hard. Don’t let disappointments and setbacks get in your way. Stay positive and on course.

    Be persistent and you will eventually get where you want to be.

    For further advice on this subject, refer to this recent article: Never Give up on Your Art!

  2. Believe in yourself - 27

    believe in yourselfFollow your dreams, find your own vision, and be true to yourself.

    1 - “As a painter once told me, ‘You must have an almost unrealistic belief in yourself to be an artist.’ So do that, believe in yourself even if it is hard.'” Nancy Lou Canyon

    2 - ”Don't worry about what other people are going to think about your work, just enjoy doing it.” Catherine Armstrong

    3 - “Paint because you have to, because it makes you happy. Never create art to be famous or rich, its pointless. If you do what you're good at and work hard then fame and fortune might follow. But even if they don’t you will still be an artist for the right reasons.” Caroline Swaine-Donohoe

    4 - “Believe firmly in yourself; never ever doubt that you will make it: that's crucial.” Vera LP Cauwenberghs 

    5 - “Remember why you are doing art in the first place, for the pure joy of it, try not get carried away by the commercial side of it or it will lose it's attachment to your soul...” Teresa Young

  3. Promote your art - 7

    promote artThis is one of the main topics of Artpromotivate – Art Promotion. We have shared numerous tips in this area. Here is what some of our spotlighted artists have to say.

    6 - “Stay with your art, no matter what anyone tells you. Learn how to promote it! Do it your whole life...they will come.” David Perl

    7 - “Look for opportunities everywhere! Print business cards and don't pass up any opportunity to hand them out! People usually have some interest in art or they know someone who does. Have a website that you can direct interested persons to.” Lynette Williams

    8 - ”Having been a marketing and advertising guy all my working life I know that art is a business and you need to approach it as one in order to be successful. I recommend that all artists take business courses and approach the business part of your working life with the same devotion that you approach your art.” Warren Peterson

More Tips for Artists

Here are a few more amazing pieces of advice taken from our artist spotlights.

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9 - Stand for something “You will gain followers if you stand for something. Don't be a commercial and don't make boring art.” Peyton Rack 

10 - “If you want it done right, do it yourself!” Michael Gaudet

11 - “Keep a tidy studio :) Saves you time and energy looking for tools...” Sylvia Fuller

12 - “Speak to as many people as you can, and never for one second worry that they won't take you seriously.” Tracey Snyman

13 - “Learn the tricks of the trade, they were acquired the hard way over many generations, they should not be discarded as being Old Fashioned'” Bob Hughes

14 - “Hone your craftsmanship. When you have the skill to paint without thinking about your technique, it frees your mind and subconscious to create what needs to be on the canvas. Poorly formed skills hold back the mind and make your creativity less than what it might otherwise be.” Duncan Long

15 – “Recently a friend of mine gave me a book about artists and their studios. One artist's advice was to do what was simple for you. I thought that was brilliant. I think at times we complicate things.” Alice S Helwig

16 – “Advice that someone gave me a few years ago. Find a subject / style that YOU love and do a LOT of it. It makes you a better artist and if some likes your artwork they will want to see more similar artwork.” Robin Wiesneth

17 – “Keep the passion. When you first get your brush out, think about what exactly it is you love most about your chosen subject. Strive to express that from start to finish.” Cheryl O

18 – “Your work is valuable. Do not fall into the trap of allowing others to take advantage of your talent and skills and run right over the top of you. As an artist, you possess a very marketable skill. Develop the confidence to convey to others that your work is more than "cute" (unless, of course, cute is the effect you're going for)” Teresa Dye

19 – “Use professional quality materials Only use the best quality materials – from the word go. If you are using cheap, nasty warped canvasses you are not going to enjoy the process and potential galleries will avoid you like the plague!” Katie Wyatt


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