youtube for artistsYoutube is the most popular video sharing site on the net, with millions of videos available for view any time of day. You tube has also become known for launching several music careers and making everyday people famous. I have seen many artists using Youtube in different ways - from creating slideshows to tutorials and demonstrations. One thing I have noticed though – most of the Youtube videos from artists have relatively few views.

Why is this? In general, I do not think it has anything to do with the artist, art, or even the quality of the video. Youtube has countless poorly filmed videos which have gone viral, and still acquired millions of views. I have also seen many very good and high quality videos with very few views. What is missing that can make a video popular then?

I think it can be several things. Remember, like a blog post, a video does not promote itself. People are unlikely to find it there is no proper tagging and good description. A video should be promoted at other profiles online, such as your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and other video sharing services.

This is actually the first of a series of articles about video sharing at Youtube. We will be covering topics such as creating a video, making your own Youtube channel, and ways to promote and receive more views for your You tube video. We will also be introducing a new promotion using video, whereby we will be accepting submissions of artwork, and curating video exhibitions in video slideshow format (and possibly in Powerpoint format to upload to Slideshare). These will be shared at our own You tube channel, as well as other places we network online.

If you would like to submit artwork for this early, you certainly can.

Free Youtube Promotion

  1. By sending us your artwork, you give us permission to promote it in the video format.
  2. Your artwork will not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Limit of 3 submissions per artist.
  4. artist emailSend us a message at the email on the right.
  5. Include your name, artist website and name of artwork (may be displayed on the video)
  6. More details will be released at a later time.


Youtube Articles

Promote Art with Video

Here are some of our past posts on the subject of creating videos and using Youtube.

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Promoting Art Videos with Youtube
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For those who have not yet signed up for a Youtube account, here is a brief tutorial to setup your profile and a tour:

Youtube Tour

  1. If you already have a Google account (Gmail, Google+, Blogger, etc.), then signing up is very simple. Just go to In the top-right corner you will see Sign-in. Click this and enter your Google account login information. You can now enjoy many of the Youtube features, such as subscribing to channels, liking videos, and adding videos to your Watch Later list.

  2. Go to here to upgrade to the Create a Channel feature: Create a Youtube Channel There will be tutorials for creating and promoting a channel in a future Artpromotivate article. Please subscribe to receive these tutorials by email.

  3. upload videos youtubeUploading Videos – Upload videos by clicking the Upload button at the top. This will bring you to a page to either upload a video, or create it in various ways.

    Click Select Files to Upload to retrieve a video from your computer.

    Find the file on your computer, then click to upload. While you are waiting, fill in information about the video. Enter a title, description and tags. When writing these, try to imagine certain phrases which people will type in Youtube search to find your video.

  4. youtube video managerVideo Manager – Click the down arrow next to Upload, and select Video Manager. This is where you can view stats, adjust privacy, and change some of the settings for your video. You will find options here for info. and settings, enhancements, audio, annotations, captions, and more.

  5. Analytics – Examine the statistics on your Youtube channel, including  performance, engagement, demographics, discovery and top 10 videos.


Stay tuned for further articles in this series. Please subscribe by email to ensure you will not miss one of these helpful posts.

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