Evan Hawley

Texas, USA

Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Collage, Ink, Print, Watercolor

Style: Abstract Expression


evan hawley abstract art


Hello, My name is Evan Hawley, I am 24 years young and currently reside in Texas, I am a self taught artist who is learning more and more every day. My art is an extension of ME and by that I mean that I try to find myself in each and every piece of work I create, My pieces are very emotionally charged via color, texture, and subject matter. I try to pour all of my emotion into each and every work. I like to think that my paintings are a way for me to express my emotions to the viewer in a much more profound way than my words would ever be able to do on their own.


First memory creating

I think my earliest, most vivid memory would have to be cutting out snowflake designs in folded up pieces of copy paper in elementary school. I was blown away by the designs you could make by just cutting off a few corners.


Art and music

I really enjoy listening to Explosions In The Sky, M83, and the classical channel on Pandora to name a few.


abstract painting


What is the message and purpose behind your art?

Whatever they want. I believe that no matter what view someone has on a particular piece of my work whether it be good or bad, the most important thing is that they took the time to put together their own opinion. The purpose of my work is to make the viewer think, it's that simple.


Please explain your process of creating

It really depends but it usually starts out with an idea sketched out over and over in my head then a rough draft into one of my sketchbooks or on my chalkboard in the studio. (that's the most time consuming part of my process usually) After that I really put all of my effort into the creation which is usually done in one sitting, it really doesn't matter how big the piece is, I'll stay with it until I feel satisfied with it or until I drive myself to a point of physical/mental exhaustion. I usually feel the best about the works I finish in 1 day.


What are you inspired by?

painting heartI am really inspired by architecture I have always been interested in the linear structure of buildings, also my friends and family inspire me on a daily basis, as well as psychology, the outdoors, anatomy, and biology.




I have showed in a few local exhibitions on the First Friday Art Trail in Lubbock Texas. As well as other exhibitions in the West Texas area.




Are you selling your artworks?

Yes, I have. Through friends/family, on line via Society6, and in some exhibitions.


Online art promotion

Mainly through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.



First I would have to say my mother, she is a very crafty person so she has always been a big influence on me. Also my father, who taught me the meaning of hard work at a young age, and how to be happy with what you are given. I think he has given me the drive and will I have today. Jean-michel Basquiat is also a huge influence of mine, even though he died at such a young age I think his work will continue to be relevant and exciting for many years to come. I am also influenced by Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, De Kooning, and many more.


evan hawley art


Is there another artist you admire who you can tell us about?

I would have to recommend my friend Jade Elkins, I have shown with her in a couple of galleries over the years and I am always blown away by her work. Her paintings always make me think of the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" being watched through a kaleidoscope. It's really mesmerizing.


Please relate something interesting in your life.

I saw Rod Stewart live in concert when I was in middle school, and if Rod Stewart doesn't interest you, well then frankly I'm not interested in you!


Has there been any annoying comments about your art?

(when talking to someone about the price of a print) "Why does this cost so much when you can just "print" it off of your computer."


Any regrets?

abstract artwork hawleySure, I regret pushing myself too much sometimes, I regret not expressing my opinions dealing with my work, I regret not going with my gut, I sometimes think about what my work would be like if I studied art while I was in college.

I hate the word regret though, it makes the situation being described seem never-ending, like nothing good will ever come from it (if you understand what I'm saying).

I think that we all learn from our mistakes one way or another, you can't let your regrets stay with you all of your life.





Do you have plans for your future as an artist?

I'm not sure I have plans, I just hope I am able to create and inspire people for a very long time.


Advice for emerging artists

I would say to go with whatever makes you happy, be as messy as you can, and surround yourself with as many positive/creative people you can find.


Abstract Ideas - Paintings by Evan Hawley

Texas, USA

Website: Evan Hawley | Tumblr | Twitter: @evanhawley | Facebook | Google+

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  1. My favorite one is the one with the buildings. That is sort of abstract but with objects. That is what I try to do.

  2. Evan, I like your philosophy and truth-telling, especially about regrets. Nice work! Keep going, you are really on to something~
    Very best,


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