omnia scroll collective exhibitionA few months ago (last November), I posted about Omnia Scroll, a collaborative exhibition of international artists unlimited by nationality, race, or background. At the time, they were holding their first exhibition at Brighton Jubilee Library, UK. (Nov. 14, 2012 – Dec. 18. 2012).

Since I posted about that first exhibition, (Omnia Scroll 1) there was another held at Art Studio, Venezia, Italia -  March 2nd to 16th 2013, which further added to the participants, size and diverseness of the scroll. The third collective exhibition will again be held at Brighton Jubilee Library - May 1st to 31st, 2013.




The project originated and is curated by UK artist Penelope Oakley, and involves a growing network of participating artists throughout the globe. The artists participate in a group exhibition and contribute one piece to the actual Omnia Scroll, a forever growing collaborative piece. The scroll is comprised of prints of each artist’s work  which have been transferred to fabric panels.

Each exhibition has its own panel and adds to the growth of the scroll, making it an ever-changing collaborative artwork affected by all participants - past, present and future. The panels from each exhibition will be connected with gold thread and exhibited as a whole piece.

Listed below are details of all participating artists of the third exhibition at Brighton Jubilee Library.

Omnia Scroll Exhibition 3 – Everything is Alive – Everything is Interconnected

Place: Brighton Jubilee Library, Jubilee St, Brighton, East Sussex

Times of exhibition: May 1-30, 2013

10 AM – 7 PM: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
10 AM – 5 PM: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
11 AM – 5 PM: Sunday


  • omnia scroll exhibition 3Tim Williams – UK
  • Tatiana Carapostol – Italy
  • Susan Taylor – UK
  • Stuart Griggs – UK
  • Simone Stawicki – Netherlands
  • Scott Nellis – UK
  • Penelope Oakley – UK
  • Piers Mason – UK
  • Nick Gebbett – UK
  • Natalia Bucio – UK/ Poland
  • Miles French – UK
  • Mel Shapcott – USA
  • Maria Gaurino – UK
  • Lynne Christine Ridden – UK
  • Leon Soriano – Canada
  • Keith Neary – UK
  • Iva Troj – Sweden/ UK
  • Ivana Vavreckova – CZ/ UK
  • Iain Dub – UK
  • Joanne Proctor – UK
  • Jenny Lynne Sessions – UK
  • Jani Jan J – Austria
  • Jamie McCartney – UK
  • James Eddy – UK
  • Jack Hall – UK
  • Ester Q – Italy
  • Carla Mascaro – Italy
  • Alexander Ossipov – Kazakhstan
  • Alberto Martinez – UK/ Cuba
  • Aaf Woldinga – Netherlands


Would you like to be a part of the Omnia Scroll and a Future Exhibition?

The Omnia Scroll is open to artists of any background, country or origin. Any media will also be considered. If you are interested in participating in this ambitious project, and would like to learn more, please visit the Omnia Scroll site and contact via the contact page. Penelope Oakley’s email and phone number is there to connect with her personally – or you can just fill in the form and request more information.

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