Skylar Tucker

Alabama, USA

Mediums: Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite, Acrylic,

Style: Anything that I get inspired by.



Scars © Skylar Tucker: The model I used in this was my sister, done in Watercolor.


Skylar was born Jan. 25, 1994. She has been doing art for many years. She loves watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic. She lives in Alabama, USA. She has won many contests. Her art defines beautiful. The constant question. What is beauty? She tries to recreate it. She loves bright expressive colors.


When was your first experience creating?

I was young. I saw a picture online and was like "Do you think I can draw this on my paper, Nanna?" She scoffed and said I might get close. Well an hour later, I had drawn it perfectly. My grandmother was amazed. She said "Well, we don't have an artist in the family!" From then, I knew I wanted to be an artist.


What music do you like to listen to while creating?

Ribbonrose-skylar-tuckerRed Hot Chili Peppers, Marcy's Playground, Nirvana, Deadmau5, The Cult.









Ribbon Rose © Skylar Tucker: This is watercolor, I didn't want to do a boring rose or a boring ribbon so I combined them! BAM!




Is there a message you like to express to others through your art?

That the world is beautiful! That beauty lays everywhere! I think If I lived way back when, I would've been a Rococo artist.

What is your creative process?

I get this idea in my head, usually comes from nowhere. I will either wake up or it will just come to me I know this sounds crazy, nut I get such a strong pull for this certain thing and can't stop thinking about it until I do it. I sketch it out. The medium usually comes with the idea. After that I give myself a day to study up on it, how I can make it look great. Next I transfer it to watercolor paper, canvas, whatever. I work on it every day until I finish it. When I am done, post it on websites and hang it.

What are your inspirations?

silentprayerI LOVE ribbons, roses , people and really anything.. The human body is just so beautiful to me. We are all the same, but all different. Really, though, I love it all. Anything that inspires me I will make it.


A Silent Prayer © Skylar Tucker: This was by far the most fun painting I have ever done. Its Acrylic, very watered down.







Have you exhibited?

Currently, none. I am hoping that will change very soon.

Do you sell your art?

Yes, I have been commissioned a couple of times. I sold it through my Facebook page. I have also sold two paintings.

Art promotion Online

Just using my Facebook page, DeviantART, or The Art Colony


Hallory-portraitSalvador Dali, I love him. I love how different his work is, but still maintains a certain degree of realism. I also love Marcel Duchamp, he cracks me up. I also enjoy Chuck Close.







Hallory © Skylar Tucker: A portrait of my sister, done in graphite.





Please tell us about an artist you admire

Alyssa Monks. She is fantastic. She does realism, but the paintings aren't just real. They are different and pull at something on my heart strings. I also love Agnes Cecile. She is a very talented watercolor artist.

Achievements and Memorable Experiences

I have won Butterflies and Bridges art contest twice, A book design contest, The Purrfect Pet drawing contest, and The Presidential Art Award for Drawing. I have travelled to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, which is my favorite place in the whole world.

Did you ever have anything annoying said about your art? (Examples: Annoying things said to artists)

"You should add this!" "I can do that in Photoshop!" "Why did you do that? Why isn't something more normal?" Yeah, if you say this, I hate you.

Any regrets so far?

flowerMy only regret is not practicing as much as I should have.




Flower © Skylar Tucker: My first ever oil pastel! I wish I did more with the background.




What about plans for the future?

I hope, eventually, to have a career in it. This is a LONG way off, but it is still nice to think about.

Advice for emerging artists

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Read everything about it. Watch every single Youtube Video . Just learn as much as you can! You can never learn enough about this beautiful thing called "Art". Also, be confident! I am naturally a very unconfident person, but you just got to WORK it, honey! Finally, people who say ,"Oh you suck, stop doping art, you're awful!" Say back "Forget you!"  A great artist, Vincent Van Gogh, said "If you hear a voice within yourself saying you are not a painter, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced" Beautiful.


Skylar Tucker - Artist Trying to Put Beauty in a Chaotic World

Alabama, USA

Facebook page: Art of Sky | DeviantART | Art Colony

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