regrets of artistsWho hasn’t had some regrets in their life? I once had plenty of regrets of my own. I wished I hadn’t wasted so much time over the years in getting my art career off the ground. Another big regret of mine was not continuing my education after I got out of art school. I looked back and thought I could have done a lot better (financially) by studying something like graphic design, web design, or other jobs requiring creative skills.

But, I realize that life sometimes brings us places we never thought possible.

I am very happy where I am in life right now.

I know I would not be here (and writing at Artpromotivate) if it weren’t for the choices and mistakes I’ve made. I don’t really regret anything at all… but live for today… and look forward to tomorrow!

Here are 10 artists who have shared their regrets in our artist spotlight.


  1. Sonali Kukreja 

    Sonali Kukreja Austin, Texas, United States

    Style: Contemporary

    Mediums: Oil and acrylic


    “Not really but yes it would have been better if I had started it earlier but I tell myself that it’s never too late.”

  2. Laura Iosifescu 

    Laura IosifescuUK

    Style: Abstract

    Mediums: Painting


    ”The regrets are that I wish I could create more art works and not have to be worried about how I am going to pay for the materials.. But these worries hopefully are going to be vanished forever.”

  3. Skylar Tucker 

    Skylar TuckerAlabama, USA

    Style: Anything that I get inspired by.

    Mediums: Graphite, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Charcoal


    “My only regret is not practicing as much as I should have.”

  4. Llael McDonald 

    Llael McDonaldAustralia

    Style: Realism

    Mediums: Oils, Charcoal, Ink


    “Yes, being an artist. Honestly sometimes I wish I just had no creative drive and was happy with a nine to five. Life's hard as an artist. You battle with being taken seriously by family members and friends and you battle with money problems and creative blocks. Your work is never done and your mind is always switched on.”

  5. Evan Hawley 

    Evan HawleyTexas, USA

    : Abstract Expression

    Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Collage, Ink, Print, Watercolor


    “Sure, I regret pushing myself too much sometimes, I regret not expressing my opinions dealing with my work, I regret not going with my gut, I sometimes think about what my work would be like if I studied art while I was in college.

    I hate the word regret though, it makes the situation being described seem never-ending, like nothing good will ever come from it (if you understand what I'm saying).

    I think that we all learn from our mistakes one way or another, you can't let your regrets stay with you all of your life.”

  6. Sabina D’Antonio 

    Sabina D’AntonioUSA

    Style: Abstract 

    Mediums: acrylic/medium on canvas 


    “That I gave up on it, that I always put it aside for others and their happiness. Which in the end caused me to loose myself and then them.”

  7. Lisa Zadravec 

    Lisa ZadravecUSA

    Style: Narrative Realism

    Mediums: Oil, colored pencil


    “Hmm, regrets, that I spent the last 18 years teaching and raising my girls. Is that a regret? Or that I was racked in pain from four leg surgeries over 11 years. I know I am coming back to things late. Or launching my career again at an older age. The other thing I have been during this difficult time is an awesome teacher. Not everyone has that gift.

    I had some great teachers, and those of us who do teach well, also have that obligation to pass along the legacy of art.”

  8. Shana Stern 

    Shana SternAustin, Texas. USA

    Style: Abstract

    Mediums: Fluid Acrylic


    “That I sold my very favorite piece - and one of my first - a black and white painting, "Numb.". I wake up every day yearning to have it again.  It's the only one I wish I'd kept.”

  9. James Bell 

    James BellLondon, United Kingdom

    Style: live and abstract

    Mediums: acrylic, canvas, board, kettle, brushes

    Art Promotion:

    ”I maintain my own website ( and various social media, most regularly Facebook and Twitter. It can be time consuming to keep everything up to date, but I really believe that the harder you work the more that you will achieve, and I actually quite enjoy promoting my work anyway!” 


  10. Kelly L Hendrickson 

    Kelly L HendricksonMinnesota, Upper Midwest, USA

    Style: Representational

    Mediums: Mixed Media Textiles


    “My main regret is having given in to the harsh critics in my young years. I think of all the ideas I want to explore, create, experiment with and I don’t think I will live long enough to experience them all. Oh for those “lost” years. My consolation is that I believe all I have been before, up to now, has influenced who I am and how I see my world today. So those years weren’t “lost” really. They were just forming the undercurrent and background of the artist I have become.

    Still… I do often wonder where I would be today, what kind of art I could share, if I had been doing this all my life!”

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  1. I so agree with you--the wasting of precious time--which becomes more and more precious as the years come and go. But this isn't just an art thing I know, it's a human thing; the quote by S. Clemens stays in my head now--that when you look back you will be more disappointed by what you didn't do than by what you did--that is spot on.


Thank-you for your comment!