Ken Roko

Toronto, Canada

Mediums: Digital. Oil. Pastel.

Style: Traditional. Contemporary.


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I graduated from Animation Classical Program initially and continued to study 3D Visual Art program. After the graduation, I've been working as a 2D/ 3D artist in entertainment industry.
Recently I turned into a full-time freelance artist. I am taking various freelance projects and developing my own art work on the side simultaneously.

I primarily work with digital media through 2D and 3D applications, but enjoy developing images through traditional media.


Please tell us about your first experience creating as a child.

I don't recall any special moment to be honest with you. I grew up with constant doodling habit, It was more like a natural process for me to sit down creating something.


How long have you looked at yourself an artist?

I have been working as a professional illustrator for 6 years.


What message are you trying to give to viewers through your art?

Inner peace.


Please explain to us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion:

It's really somewhat a random process, usually I need to wait for the inspirations to visit me. Once I get that hit, it's just a smooth process from there. Waiting period is sometimes really hard.


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What are your inspirations for creating art?

I usually get inspired by daily objects and reading books. I think books can be very useful sometimes to be more imaginative visually.


Have you taken part in any exhibitions?

Nope. Although my art works had been already published through my publisher internationally, I have not got a chance to work with a gallery yet.


How have you been selling your art?

Usually commissioned works. Directly with clients.


what do you do to promote your art on the internet?

Autumn Blues ken rokoI have my Tumbler and Facebook page.


Please tell us about other artists you admire

I have explored various styles and colors from different generations of artists. Especially I love 19th century American painters such as Thomas Eakins and John Singer Sargent.



Is there anything interesting in your life you can tell us about?

I'm a pretty boring person. I do read and paint on daily basis.


Did anyone ever say anything annoying about your art?

Never got into that heckling incident



Do you have any plans for your artistic future?

Keep doing what I'm doing right now I believe.


What advice would you give to emerging and aspiring artists?

Believe in yourself. Don't give up yet.


Ken Roko - Artist Spotlight - Inner Peace

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