Aazam Irilian


Mediums: painting

Style: Abstract Representational


My love for art started at an early age and eventually led me to pursue and receive a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Art Education. For over twenty years I shared my passion with students of all ages both in private and public school setting. I paint intuitively, capturing the light and the positive energy that exist in every moment of our lives.


Winds of Change Aazam Irilian

Winds of Change © Aazam Irilian


I start every painting in a stage of not knowing. In the process and engaging my memories to capture the essence of my experiences, I explore unlimited options that present themselves. Uncovering images that need to surface, I paint the undercurrent and the core of what seems to be visible. During my process, I find that I am exploring the essence of my soul through the painting, and letting it guide me through the experience until it is decidedly complete.

In my latest series, “Winds of Change” I have pushed myself to a different level of artistic expression. Inspired by my trip to Paris, experiencing the light on the golden leaves during fall, I find myself even more observant of the natural elements in my surrounding. I am pulled into experiencing every curve, movement, texture, and fragrance by being present in any given moment. I do not paint the objects but the intense sense of joy and mystery that I feel.


Earliest memory creating

Drawing with charcoal on the sidewalk, which eventually led to using pen and ink at an early age.


Music and art

I listen to different types of music at every stage of my work. To start with, it is usually soft and meditative and as I become more tactile with the paint the music changes to match my rhythm. Jane Winther, Kitaro, Axiom of Choice, and Fusion of Adham Shaikh



Goal of my art

I believe that Art heals the soul, bringing joy to our lives, lift our spirits and transcend the moment to one beyond this world. My goal is to touch the hearts and souls of my viewers and inspire a long-lasting sense of emotion and passion in them regardless of the medium I use.


Creation Process

My paintings are created with mixed media (acrylic, ink, fabric dyes and oil) on canvas. Using layers of one or all mediums, I create texture and depth within the space. This results in fluidity and translucency on the surface, complemented by the organic lines to create movement and form. Prominent images in my work include a variety of elements from nature, and as I use the organic shapes and lines to create form, I often find that the female form comes to the foreground and plays a different role in each piece.


Breath Aazam Irilian

Breath © Aazam Irilian



I am inspired by the beauty of life, and try to capture the intense sense of joy and mystery that I feel. Experiencing the sense of vastness, calmness and joy in my natural surrounding are translated onto my canvases through my color palette, exaggerated curves, texture and translucency of the surface.



Over the last twenty years, I have been exhibiting in various venues in California (mostly LA area) as well as Oregon. However, having a long break for a period of six years, I am re-establishing myself and have been exhibiting more frequently over the last three years.


Have you sold art?

Yes, through friends, family and my network of fellow artists.


Online art promotion

I have a website (www.aazamirilian.com) and post my work on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/starslite7). I also apply to online juried shows which has allowed me to have my art be posted on sites other than my website.



To name a few; O’Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Rothko, Chihuly, Andy Goldsworthy


Artist recommendation

Sacred Heart Aazam IrilianAbstract paintings of Karen Hansen (http://www.klhansen.com) touch my heart. Her paintings are ethereal and there is a sense of translucency that allows light to emanate through the surface.



I am very goal oriented and when set my mind on something I push until I achieve it to the best possible way. An example of this is when I decided to pursue my teaching credential and masters degree at the same time. Each program would take at least two years. I completed both of them in 18 months.


Sacred Heart © Aazam Irilian



Any regrets?

I regret the times that I ignored my passion to create and allowed myself to be distracted.


Future goals

First and for most, to stay focused and create my art and stay true to myself. I would also like to have the opportunity to hold workshops and share my passion with others to help them tap into their creative self.


Advice for emerging artists

Follow your passion!!


Aazam Irilian - A Journey to Evoke Soul’s Beauty

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