blue canvas reviewI’ve had a chance recently to join Blue Canvas and upload some artwork and discovered that this is a thriving community of artists and art lovers. They have most of the features one would expect from a website for artists to network and sell art.

Artists can sell prints and a range of other products such as canvas wraps, framed prints, posters, cards and skins for netbooks, mobile phones and laptops, through the Blue Canvas Shop. 


On the My Canvas page artists can upload artwork art, manage their profile, and participate in the community.

According to Blue Canvas, the artists with the most sales are the ones who are active in the community. Blue canvas offers several ways of becoming active. Participate in a thriving artist community by supporting artists, commenting, joining groups, browsing the forum, and posting events, blogs and classifieds.


bluecanvas shop

Here are some of the main features of Blue Canvas:


  • My Canvas: This is where artists can post everything related to their art. Share art, news, exhibitions, events, blurbs and more. It is also a good place to see what’s going on in the Blue Canvas community, through forums, blogs, events and classifieds.
  • Gallery: Artists and art buyers an browse the work of other artists on BlueCanvas. Leave comments and star artworks that you like. 

  • Community: There are several ways of connecting with other artists on Blue Canvas and participating in the community. Join and create art groups. Browse and participate in the Blue Canvas Forum. Also, post blogs, events and classifieds.

  • BlueCanvas Magazine: The Bluecanvas magazine features BlueCanvas members, art reviews and more. Blue canvas also has The Art of Journey, a hardcover art book.

  • Blue Canvas Shop – Buyers can search for artists in a variety of ways – by popular, recent, product type, image size, keyword, genre and more.


How to join Blue Canvas and setup your free portfolio.

signup bluecanvasGo to BlueCanvas. Under “Signup Free Connect with Artists”, fill in a name for your portfolio address, and click Signup. On the next page, fill in your email, password, birth date and captcha.

Next, wait for an email to arrive to verify your account. Once this is done, login to be taken directly to your unedited profile page. There are several things to do here – you can follow along or do them all in your own order.

Create your own Website!

Change profile pic

Click this phrase inside the box and upload an image from your computer. Choose a photo of yourself or a painting. If it do not appear right away, go to your artwork folder (Manage artwork/ edit folder/ make profile pic) and set your profile pic there.

Uploading art

Set the title, genre, album, description, tags and other settings while you are waiting for your artwork to upload. If you would like to sell art as prints, canvas wraps, cards, posters and skins for laptops, mobile phones and netbooks, click the YES near For Sale. Next, click edit Seller account below that, and fill in your details there. Your commission rate can be set to what you desire, or keep it at the recommended 30%. Don’t forget to hit the little Save button. It’s easy to miss, but can be found under Pricing.

Profile Settings

Next, it will be a good idea to go through all the settings for your profile. Under My Canvas in the top menu, click Account Settings. Fill in your name and as many genres as your art matches. Fill in the other boxes as desired, but notice that there is space for 5 websites and a bio. Hi Save Settings when complete.

There are also a bunch of other pages you may want to explore at your leisure. Under My canvas, you will see a bunch of links for Edit Peers, My Blogs, My Classifieds, My Events, Mailbox and Notifications. It will recommended to click on all of these in order just so you will know what is there. Everything else is straight forward.

As with any similar social network for artists, it is a good idea to browse some artworks. If you see art and artists you like, you can help them in several ways – nominate them for a feature, Add to Peers, Give a Star and Add to Collection (favorites). Also consider clicking the sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

I hope I have made things easy for you to setup your Blue Canvas portfolio. Do let me know if you need any help at all. I hope you enjoy your experience with Blue Canvas, and sell lots of your art there!

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