Art is admired by many. There is no better way to add character, energy, stories, and emotion into a room than by carefully purchasing a piece of artwork. And many would agree that there is a growing interest in the world of art. A greater number of people seem to be taking an interest in the different types of paintings and masterpieces that are available today. Nonetheless, whilst choosing between different artwork is undoubtedly a difficult decision. However, one decision that should not be hard is whether to buy paintings that are original or are not.


cheryl o painting

There is only one winner between the two - original paintings, which present many distinct advantages and are a great way to show your appreciation for the arts.


The Four Horses – Cheryl O





One of the best things about buying an original piece of artwork is the fact that you make a connection between yourself and the artist in question. There is no greater complement to an artist than wanting to purchase one of their paintings. Nevertheless, if you are fan of a particular artist then it will be extremely special for you to own a unique piece of their work. If art is a deep passion of yours, then this is a fantastic way to support upcoming artists and help them on their way to a fruitful career in the industry.

gargoyle crows 2 genevieve essonNot only is the artist connection favourable, but the uniqueness to original art is where the true beauty lies. There is something rather unappealing about mass produced paintings. After all, there are millions of other people who could have the same painting as you in their home.


Painting by Genevieve Esson




This takes away the authenticity, uniqueness and the meaning behind an artwork. Nevertheless, if you buy original art then you know you are getting a piece that is one of a kind. You are the only person who will own the painting, and that is a special feeling.

Original paintings are a fantastic extension of your personality. As mentioned in the previous section, when it comes to mass produced work, the quality is often compromised. Because everybody can own the same painting as you, the personal aspect certainly dwindles. However, if you buy paintings that are original then there is a connection between you and the art. This provides a perfect way of expressing who you are by visual means. You can tell a lot about a person by the original piece of art they own – that is a fact.


Shana Stern Just BreatheAnd last but not the least, original art can be a fantastic investment opportunity.

You will note that over time a lot of artwork dramatically increases in price. This is only the case with original artwork however. After all, nobody is going to pay over the odds for a mass produced painting when they know that they can easily find it elsewhere.


Painting by Shana Stern



If you are shrewd with your choices, then you may end up making quite a bit of cash. Just make sure you do it the right way, as art should be respected.

If you are looking to buy paintings for your home, then make sure you don’t go down the mass produced route. Only original paintings can truly showcase who you are and make a connection between you and the artist.

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Alisha Smith is a freelance content writer who writes journals and blogs about art and budding artists. For this article, she has put in a lot of hard work and research into answering the question why you should buy paintings that are original.

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  1. Buying originals is so very important. Prints, reproductions only take away from the artist, I think. This is the reason why everyone of my paintings is unique and I only buy from artist who have the same standards because as a collector, I also want my experience to be unique.


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