Terry Sita

New Orleans, USA

Medium: Water soluble oils on canvas, photography, and digital painting.

Style: I like traditional paintings. I love the old masters style of painting, but I am trying to loosen up a bit, more like the Impressionist style.


walk in woods terry sita

A Walk in the Woods - Digital painting © Terry Sita


I am 67 yrs. old, mother of two, grandmother of two and I love painting. I have been making art of many kinds all my adult life. I started with oils and some years later began to do pastel paintings and making my own pastels. I soon was into sculpture and then icons and now my repertoire includes digital painting and photography.


When was the first time you realized you were an artist?

When I sold my first painting in my early twenties, I began to consider myself an artist, though I had much more to accomplish in the way of improvement.


Can you say something about your technique and process while creating art?

In oils I lay down a thin coat of raw umber, wipe it down. I start with the darks and work up to the highlights. Digital painting is pretty much the same except. I work from photos.


What are your  themes?

Portraits are my first love. I am also fond of street scenes in New Orleans, horses and landscapes.


Where do you find your ideas?

I look at what other artists are doing and try to take something from each one and make my own style. I see what is popular and selling and paint something that would interest the public.


bride painting terry sita

Beautiful Bride - oils on canvas © Terry Sita


Why do you make art?

Only God can create, but I paint and do other types of art because I love it. It is my passion in life and cannot imagine not being able to produce beautiful art.


How often do you paint?

I paint every day.


What is the best artwork you ever painted?

My best one is a painting of Jesus, Divine Mercy. It was a gift to my church and hangs next to the altar behind the pulpit for all to meditate upon. I am most proud of that one.


What is the artist’s role in society?

We fill the world with beautiful art for ourselves and others to adorn their homes.


Where do you promote art online?

Fine Art America and Facebook. I am on Stumbleupon but have had no luck there. I am also on Twitter.



Titian, Caravaggio in the past. Monet for Impressionist appeal. Jeremy Sutton, Skip Allen, Woody Walters for digital painting.


Can you recommend a favorite contemporary artist and tell us about their art?

I don't care for most contemporary art, if you mean abstract. There are some little known artists on Fine Art America whom I very must admire.


Please summarize yourself in three words:

Wife, mother, artist


terry sita artist

Music on Bourbon St. - oils on canvas © Terry Sita


Biggest Achievement

My biggest achievement is the painting of Jesus previously mentioned which hangs in my church.


Did you ever feel like giving up painting?

We lost our son 17 yrs. ago and I quit painting for about 4 months. I soon realized that art would be my mental salvation and help me to get back into the flow of life.


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

Still painting, continually learning new things. Corel Painter 12 is a very complicated program and in 10 yrs. I am sure there will be something new to learn.


What advice can you share for emerging artists?

Read books that give instruction. Paint as much as you can or you will not improve. Find a gallery that will be fair with you and advertise on Fine Art America or a similar site, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.


A Look at the Art of Portrait Artist and Painter Terry Sita

Website: Terry Sita | Terry Sita on Facebook

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